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Peter Parker Spider-Man’s Strongest Feats In The Comics

Peter Parker is well known as the main web-slinger of the Marvel Comics universe, the Amazing Spider-Man. As the song says, he does everything a spider can do. Chief among his incredible powers, derived from a radioactive spider bite, includes having the commensurate speed, agility, and strength of a spider.

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While Spider-Man isn’t quite as powerful as some of Marvel’s strongest brutes, like the Hulk or The Thing, he has nonetheless thrown his weight several times in his history. His strength isn’t as famous as climbing walls or spinning webs, but Spider-Man has shown remarkable feats of strength in the past.

10/10 Spidey puts Hulk into orbit

The Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #328 By David Michelinie, Todd McFarlane, Al Gordon, Bob Sharen and Rick Parker

Under normal circumstances, Spider-Man’s strength would allow him to hold his own against the Hulk’s power. However, when he wielded the power of Captain Universe, Spidey was able to overpower the gray Goliath one on one.

When fighting around the Roosevelt Bridge in New York City, Spider-Man punched the Hulk. The punch literally launched the Hulk into low Earth orbit. It was a demonstration of Spidey using his newfound powers to tactical advantage and a display of his newfound strength.

9/10 Ultimate Spider-Man pulled out all the stops

Ultimate Spider-Man (Vol 1) #160 By Brian Michael Bendis, Mark Bagley, Andy Lennig and Andrew Hennessy, Justin Ponsor and Cory Petit

Ultimate Peter Parker lifts a truck to fight the Green Goblin in Marvel Comics

“Death of Spider-Man” was the culmination of the life of Peter Parker from the Ultimate Universe. With the Green Goblin causing chaos throughout New York City and the Ultimates barely able to keep up, Spider-Man gave all of his remaining energy to thwart the Goblin.

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In one of Spider-Man’s last-ditch efforts to stop the Goblin’s momentum, Peter lifted a truck over his head and smashed the Goblin with it. It’s easy to forget that Ultimate Peter was only 16 years old. But great power (and strength) comes in small packages, as Spidey proves.

8/10 Peter holds the Daily Bugle on his shoulders

Spider-Man (Vol 1) #98 by Howard Mackie, John Romita, Jr., Scott Hanna, Gregory Wright, and Liz Agraphiotis

Spider-Man holds the remains of the Daily Bugle on his shoulders in Marvel Comics

Many of Spider-Man’s greatest acts of force come when the safety of those he loves is at stake. The aftermath of a battle with the Green Goblin saw the daily bugle at the edge of collapse. Although Reed Richards was able to help save Aunt May, one last pumpkin bomb detonated, threatening to take the Bugle collapsing

With Mary Jane on the nearby street, Spider-Man summoned all his strength to keep the Bugle to collapse Even after Wall-Crawler saved the day, publisher J. Jonah Jameson called for Spidey’s arrest. Despite his show of force, Spidey just can’t rest.

7/10 Spidey lifts Penn Station

The Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #365 By David Michelinie, Mark Bagley, Randy Emberlin, Bob Sharen and Rick Parker

Spider-Man survives a collapsing Penn Station in Marvel Comics

The Lizard is one of the strongest and most terrifying villains in Spider-Man’s rogues gallery. Dr. Curt Connors planned to use a machine in the New York sewers to permanently cure him of his transformation into the Lizard. However, Peter knew that the machine under Penn Station had been rigged to kill the doctor.

The Lizard would not listen to reason and brought down Penn Station on top of the wall-crawler. With the weight bearing down on him, Peter noted that even Thor would have a hard time lifting that much weight. However, Spidey found the strength to lift the collapsed station and free himself.

6/10 Peter Parker is a strong army

The Amazing Spider-Man (Vol 1) #320 By David Michelinie, Todd McFarlane, Bob Sharen & Gregory Wright & Rick Parker

Spidey lifts and breaks a mini-tank in Marvel Comics

Picking up and smashing military gear is usually the Hulk’s modus operandi, but Peter Parker can flex that muscle too, dressed as Spider-Man. While attempting to rescue an international diplomat from the Paladin, the wall-crawler found himself under attack by tank-wielding mercenaries. Spidey not only lifted a tank over his head, he slammed it into the ground and destroyed it.

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The phrase “mini-tank” might suggest that lifting it would be a daily feat for Spidey. A small military tank weighs approximately 50 tons. Spider-Man is normally opposed in the 20 ton range, but when lives are on the line, Peter Parker can augment his strength.

5/10 Peter Parker shines before his colleagues

Amazing Spider-Man Annual (Vol 1) #1 by Stan Lee, Steve Ditko and Sam Rosen

Spider-Man demonstrates his strength by lifting weights in Marvel Comics

Amazing Spider-Man Annual Issue #1 is famous for introducing the Sinister Six, a team of Spider-Man’s deadliest enemies. The issue also has a back-up story, “Secrets of Spider-Man!” where writer Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko illustrate Spidey’s various powers, abilities, and gadgets.

For a display of Spidey’s strength, which Ditko says will increase as the young Peter Parker matures, Spidey lifts an unspecified amount of weight. No numbers are quoted, but three of Marvel’s strongest – Thor, Hulk and The Thing – are watching and appear to be impressed with Webhead’s power.

4/10 It’s the season of spider strength

Marvel Holiday Special 1991 #1 (“A Spider Carol”) by Danny Fingeroth, Ron Garney, Mike DeCarlo, Buccelatto and Richard Starkings

Spidey lifts a taxi over his head in Marvel Comics

New York can be a bit chaotic at Christmas, and few heroes know that better than Spider-Man. Peter Parker works against the clock to get everything ready for the holidays, just like everyone else. In the story “A Spider Carol”, Spidey was making his rounds two days before Christmas when he saw a traffic jam blocking the path of an ambulance.

Spidey got out and lifted a cab out of the way of the ambulance, with the driver still inside, to a stunned reaction from passers-by. In a rare thank you from his fellow New Yorkers, the ambulance driver thanks Spidey for saving his patient’s life.

3/10 Spidey plays catch

The Amazing Spider-Man (Vol 1) #628 By Mark Waid and Tom Peyer, Todd Nauck, Andres Mossa and Joe Caramanga

Spider-Man catches a runaway truck in Marvel Comics

It’s one of those days when nothing goes right for Spider-Man. In this backup story, Peter Parker starts his day by waking up late and it gets worse from there. He is involved in a battle with the Absorbing Man, who launches a truck into a crowd of people.

Spidey catches the truck midair and immediately (and sarcastically) wonders if he cares too much about his job. The fact that Spider-Man was able to stop the rushing truck in its tracks is just another testament to the immense strength of him.

2/10 Spider-Man saves a plane from crashing

The Amazing Spider-Man (Vol 1) #694 By Dan Slott, Humberto Ramos, Victor Olazaba, Edgar Delgado and Chris Eliopoulos

Spider-Man lifts over 100,000 pounds to stop a plane from crashing in Marvel Comics

Only Spider-Man could team up with Captain Marvel and still get stuck with the heavy lifting. When the landing gear of a runaway plane fails to deploy, Peter Parker manages to catch up with the plane, force its landing gear down and keep its nose up to avoid a runway disaster.

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Spidey points out that the plane itself weighs 75,000 pounds and carries 40,000 pounds of fuel, which means Spider-Man lifts over 110,000 pounds over the course of saving the day. In a rare moment of gratitude, Spidey even gets a “thank you” from J. Jonah Jameson, then mayor of New York.

1/10 Peter raises inhuman amounts to save Aunt May

The Amazing Spider-Man (Vol 1) #33 by Stan Lee, Steve Ditko and Artie Simek

Spider-Man breaks free from the rubble in Marvel Comics

Throughout its 60-year history, Peter Parker has spent much time caring for his elderly Aunt May. While in possession of the potentially life-saving medicine, Spider-Man finds himself engaged in a battle with the Lizard. During the course of the conflict, Spidey becomes trapped under tons of iron.

In one of his defining moments, referenced in the 2017 film. spiderman: homecomingSpider-Man almost gives up before remembering how he failed his Uncle Ben. Unwilling to let it happen again with Aunt May, Peter decides to fight on and lifts the giant mechanism to free himself.

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