Persona 3: Reload Pre-Order For Switch Spotted Online



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  • Pre-orders for Persona 3: Reload on Switch have been spotted on Game UK, priced at £64.99.
  • Considering the game hasn’t been announced for Switch, the announcement might be made in an upcoming Nintendo Mini Direct.
  • It is still weird since Persona 5 Tactica was announced alongside Persona 3: Reload but was straight-up listed for a release on Switch.
  • This listing, while suspicious, has only added more weight to the possibility of the game coming to Switch, which Nintendo itself will confirm.

Game UK has recently listed the pre-orders of Persona 3: Reload for Switch, hinting at the possibility of the game coming to Switch eventually. It is still likely that the pre-orders are false, so proceed to the website with some caution. Considering the recent rumors of a Nintendo Mini Direct scheduled for late June-early July, it should be announced there if true.

Persona 3: Reload Switch Pre-Orders
Persona 3: Reload Switch Pre-Orders

After Persona 3: Reload was announced at the Xbox Games Showcase, the platforms mentioned included several consoles, except for Nintendo Switch. Although it was announced alongside Persona 5 Tactica, only the latter was listed for release on Switch, among other consoles. It goes without saying but proceed with this listing cautiously, as its emergence is nothing short of skepticism.

The retailer also lacks much credibility, but fans are still hoping that this ends up being true. This news was worth sharing as we hopefully won’t need to hold onto this leak much longer. As various credible insiders have mentioned, a Nintendo Mini Direct is scheduled to premiere later this month or at the start of next month. If the listing is valid, we may get this as an announcement during the direct.

Persona 3: Reload is a more significant project than Persona 5 Tactica, so it is possible that Atlus intentionally held off announcing the Switch release as it is direct-worthy news. That said, the listing does not automatically confirm the game’s arrival on Switch. Persona 3: Reload is set to release in early 2024 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and day one on Xbox Game Pass. 

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