People Can Fly Is Developing A New AAA Title For Xbox



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  • People Can Fly has signed a deal with Xbox to develop a new AAA title.
  • The deal is worth $30-50 million, and will likely result in an exclusive game for Xbox. 
  • The studio has developed games such as Outriders, Bulletstorm and assisted with Gears of War. 
  • The game will be based on IP owned by Xbox and Microsoft

Polish video game studio People Can Fly will develop a AAA title for Xbox, titled “Project Maverick”, according to a report from Interia. Xbox and Microsoft will pay roughly $30-50 million for the contract work. The report states that the game will be based on an existing Xbox IP, although which IP is a mystery. In the past, PCF has worked with Xbox and co-developed ports and modes for Gears of War. 

The production of the Game will be carried out by the Company in the work-for-hire model, based on the intellectual property rights of the Publisher, and will be fully financed by the Publisher as the Company completes the key stages of the Game production contracted as part of the production process (milestones).” –  Interia 

PCF has a strong relationship with Microsoft. The company recently released Outriders, a futuristic looter shooter that was released on Xbox Game Pass on day one. It is possible that this contract work could be for a future Gears of War game because of their experience with the franchise, even though The Coalition is currently developing Gears 6 along with a new unannounced IP. 

Whatever this new game is, if it is based on an existing Microsoft/Xbox IP then it is likely it will be exclusive to the Xbox platform, with a release on PC as well. 30-50 million dollars is also a small to medium-sized budget for a AAA game in the modern day, although the geographic location of the studio may play a part in this. 

If the title is a Gears game, then we believe that it could be the long-rumored Gears of War collection, although industry insiders have shot away rumors of a Gears collection ever being in development. Xbox and Microsoft own tons of gaming IP, so it is hard to say what this game could be, but because of People Can Fly’s experience in multiplayer shooters, it might not be difficult to narrow things down. 


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