Payday 2 Update 240 brings several heist optimizations, UI changes, weapon fixes, and more.



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  • Payday 2 Update 240 is here, and it brings a lot of quality-of-life changes, including haste optimizations, UI changes, achievement fixes, and more.
  • This will be the last Payday 2 update before the release of Payday 3, which is why many are calling it the game’s “final update”.
  • Nevertheless, there may be more similar updates in the future, but only after the release of the next iteration.
  • Payday 2 was released a decade ago on PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo SwitchLinux, and PC.

Payday 2 just received its 240 update.and it adds multiples. Quality of life Changes and correction To further improve the state of play. It will be Last major update Ahead of Payday 3’s September 21 launch. Since it mainly improves aspects of the game with some changes, the size of this update only 114 MB.

Payday 2 Update 240 Changelog
Payday 2 Update 240 Changelog – Haste optimizations and gameplay changes.

After the update, many heists will be optimized. Portalsincluding Hell’s Island, Border Crossing, Blix’s Mansion, San Martin, and the White House. These are Area portals This will improve the gameplay. Provides items Despite being in sight. A problem that caused Team AI to get stuck out of bounds on Hell Island.

In the mission briefing, “Buy all assets.” Not allowing players to buy all assets if they don’t have enough cash. This should no longer be the case. Another bug where a guard would get stuck in a certain position. Diamond Heist has been set. In addition to robbery corrections, we also have a few Gameplay changes That one can consider the increase in quality of life.

Now there will be special enemies. Registered As special enemies to help Achievements; For example, mini dozers, medic dozers, and headless dozers will be registered as dozer spawn. Martial shields count. Spawn shield cap. Marksmen and martial shields will count as special enemies for skills and achievements. In some situations, a bug made an enemy. Very correctwhich has been dealt with.

A problem that caused Weapon preset changes Intended to apply to dozer instead of minigun dozer. There are fire mode tables for enemy AI. adjust Acting as intended. In addition to gameplay changes, Special events It will now be reactivated at specific times and dates.

Payday 2 Update 240 Changelog - UI Changes
Payday 2 Update 240 Changelog – UI Changes.

There are some. Changes in weapons and methods That players will observe after the update. A bug that caused weapons to stop reloading when it should be interrupted has been fixed. Weapon mods will now be with Falloff. Shown On a weapon in the inventory. The maximum range stat should now show in the inventory. Effect of modes over it.

An accident that occurred when Updating the weapon beautiful should be determined. Another similar crash occurred when updating the bullet belt on the SG Versteckt 51D LMG, which should no longer appear. Sync Underbarrel switch Crashed the game, which has been addressed. Weapon stat boosts that can only be obtained through skins can now be purchased. Continental coins.

Some weapons have also been found. buffed In this update; The IZHMA 12G Shotgun is now available. 4 more cycles Total ammo. The MA17 flamethrower is damaged. 1 increased.. The Diggle Pistol, Eagle Heavy Rifle, Tempest 21 Rifle, and AMR-16 Rifle are now available. 8 More stability.

Payday 2 Update 240 Changelog - Achievements and Side Jobs
Payday 2 Update 240 Changelog – Achievements and Side Jobs.

Other miscellaneous changes include a bug fix that caused some players on the platform to hear a loud voice At the beginning of the introductory video. gave Interpreter plaque The safe house has been updated. The accident happened in Civil damage It has been fixed when some features were missing from the unit. Another similar accident that happened when civilians were Damaged by fire has been addressed.

A problem that caused “Recently played with On. steam“From not work As intended. Several problems caused the crash. Join a game Or entry into the vehicle is now cleared. An issue that caused melee weapons to be disarmed when selected”Unachieving“Fixed. Finally, melee weapons should now be used as intended. Idle animations Instead of things made for guns.

It may be updated. Do not work properly For people using mods, it is therefore advised to remove or Uninstall any mod. Which can cause potential problems. It should be clear that Not all mods Can cause problems, so tread carefully.

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Payday 2 is a co-op first-person shooter developed by Overkill software Published by and 505 games. It is a sequel to Payday: The Heist and was released in PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox 360, Xbox oneNintendo Switch, Linux, and PC on August 13, 2013.

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