Paradox Interactive called Lamplighter’s League sales “a big disappointment”.


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  • Paradox Interactive’s “The Lamplighters League” is an XCOM-inspired turn-based strategy game with stealth elements developed through Harry Brand schemes.
  • Days after its launch, Paradox Interactive’s CEO Frederic Wester confirmed that sales of The Lamplighter’s League were a “huge disappointment”.
  • Speaking to PCGamer, a representative from Paradox Interactive also confirmed massive layoffs within Harry Brand Schemes, the development studio behind Lamplighters League.

recently News for the newspaper, Paradox Interactive CEO Fredrik Wester made a statement discussing the commercial status of its latest title, The Lamplighters League, an XCOM-inspired turn-based strategy game set in an alternate history of the 1930s. Paradox confirms that The Lamplighter’s League sales were one. “Big disappointment” And the company expects it. “do better” in the future.

Lamplighters League launched on October 3 and is currently sitting on a mostly positive rating. steam With 154 reviews, which is quite a low number for a relatively high-budget title. According to Paradox, the game’s budget was 320 million Swedish krona, which translates to approx $22 million. As per a quote from the CEO of Paradox himself, the pretty cool details can be found below:

Paradox Interactive has today decided to write off major development costs for the game. Lamplighters League, in addition to the regular crappy apologies made during the game’s first three months. In total, this will result in all major game development costs of MSEK 320 being recognized as an expense in the fourth quarter of 2023. The game’s impact on profit before tax for the fourth quarter is estimated at MSEK -248. The write-up stems from a revised sales forecast, established after the game’s release.

Lamplighters League currently holds a Metacritic score. 70 on Xbox And 75 on PC. Reviews have praised the game for its exciting tactical combat, engaging cast of characters, a great soundtrack, and a fun and immersive pulpy-spy fiction setting. Criticism falls on the game’s disappointing stealth gameplay, simplistic combat, and disappointing design decisions.

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When discussing the game’s quality and sales expectations, Paradox had this to say,

Lamplighters League A fun game with lots of powers. While we see a cautiously positive number of players in subscription services, commercial reception has been very weak, which is obviously a major disappointment. Game projects are always risky by their very nature, but at the end of the day we didn’t perform at the level we should have. It hurts but makes us more eager to roll up our sleeves and improve.”

The Lamplighters League is produced by Harry Brandt Schemes who are responsible for the (brilliant) The Shadowrun Trilogy And Battletech. Unfortunately, the studio is yet another victim of the massive layoff epidemic in the gaming industry right now. A former employee of the studio recently posted. Reset era Claiming that 80 percent of the studio’s work has been shut down.

Shadowrun Returns by Harry Brandt Scheme.

Addressing. PC gamer, a Paradox representative confirmed that the layoffs did indeed take place as part of Harry Briand’s schemes, but the full extent of the layoffs has not been confirmed in any official capacity. He added that the layoffs occurred as the game entered the final stages of its development over the summer, saying staff had been “significantly reduced” over the summer.

The Harry Brand schemes staff was significantly reduced over the summer as the game entered the final stages of development and launch preparations.

Harry Brand Schemes is one of the latest studios to suffer mass layoffs. Last month, Ascendant Studios, the studio behind EA’s Immortals of Aveum It lost almost half of its crew After the game’s poor sales. Back in March, back in the studio prophesiedLuminous Productions, closed down and merged with Square Enix after the game’s poor commercial and critical success.

Paradox Interactive is apparently having a tough time as to their next big title, with Cities Skylines 2 being pushed back to next year for consoles, however, the PC release is still set to launch this month on October 24th.

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