P5T Walkthrough Quest 5: Operation BOOM


Operation BOOM It is the fifth mission in Persona 5 Tactic. The rebels have found Marie’s cache of explosives and are working on a plan to sabotage the place by eliminating the guards guarding it. Continue reading as we share the solution to Quest 005: Operation BOOM from Persona 5 Tactica.

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Mission details Operation BOOM

  • How to unlock: Complete Mission 18: A Perfect Plan
  • Aim: Defeat all enemies in 3 turns.
  • Rewards: Morgana +20 GP, Erina +10 GP

This mission will allow you to use Morgana and Erina, as well as another unit of your choice; It is recommended to use Makoto as her Vortex abilities can help prevent enemies from spreading too far; Also try not to use units with extended throw like Ryuji.

Operation BOOM Quest Solution

For this mission, you will have to take out the enemies on the left side in the first two turns and then work on the enemies on the right side. There are a lot of explosives in the area, be sure to check through the Analysis view to see the explosive range of the barrels.

Have Morgana move to the other side of the map and then place Erina on the left side while keeping the third unit close to the starting area, but under cover. This should allow you to perform a triple threat and eliminate most of the enemies on this side of the field.

Be careful when engaging the brute enemy on the other side, as his counterattack jump can also blow up the barrels; It’s best not to try to agitate him and focus on doing a triple threat around him.

After the first triple threat, there should be two enemies that were left open to the attack. Have Morgana attack the one closest to him and then move him to the other side. Reposition Erina near the central tower to the north and keep the third unit close to where she is, and you should be able to do another triple threat to take them out on turn three.


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