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  • Lies of P, the highly anticipated ghost-like game, has had its entire trophy list leaked online with more than 43 trophies.
  • Platinum trophies result in 26 bronze, 13 silver, and 3 gold trophies for achieving 100% success.

PK Lies, a game like the highly anticipated Souls, Recently encountered a leak Which has created a buzz in the gaming community. The leak in question is from the game. the whole The trophy list shows a staggering collection of over 43 trophies that players can try to unlock.

Trophies have been one. compulsory Part of the gaming experience, providing players with additional goals and incentives to explore all aspects of the game world. The wide range of trophies in Lies of Pi adds depth to the game, promising a rich and immersive experience for players willing to embark on this challenging journey.

Before we continue, please note that there may be Major spoilers Forward. It’s important to remember that the true joy of Lies of P lies in the discovery and personal journey each player will make. As for those of you interested, it is advised that you proceed with caution while we Important Details of Trophies

Trophies indicate multiple endings and boss battles.
Trophies indicate multiple endings and boss battles.

The trophy list shows the minimum requirement. 3 endings, i.e. real boy, free of puppet strings, and P’s rise. In terms of collectibles, players will need to acquire all Legion Arms, Normal Weapons, Special Weapons, Records, Signals, Secret Ships, Trinity Shrines, and Dimensional Butterflies. . Additionally, there are many boss battles to defeat which in turn provide challenges that players crave.

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As we eagerly await the release of Lies of P, the leaked trophy list serves as a tantalizing preview of the trials and tribulations that await them. With its vast collection of trophies, the game promises to provide a rewarding and unforgettable experience as soon as we step into it. dark World

Now, for those of you interested in P’s lies, There are 2 editions of the game to choose from.. The standard edition only comes with the base game while the deluxe edition comes with additional costumes. Pre-ordering the game will get naughty puppet outfits for both editions. However, a deluxe edition also comes with it. Early access On pre-order.

PK lies will be released. 19 September 2023on PS4, PS5, PC, MacOS, Xbox One, and more Xbox Series X|S

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