P of Lies: Hidden Moonstone Farm (5 Ways)



The Hidden Moonstone in Lies of Pi is a vital resource, empowering your weapons to reach their highest potential. Discover ways to farm hidden moonstones in Lies of Pi, ensuring you can conquer puppet-infested territories.

Key takeaways

  • Hidden Moonstone is important for increasing common. weapon On surface 3 In P.K.’s lie
  • You can obtain P Hidden Moonstone lies by exploring, defeating enemies, or trading. Crate Supply Box.
  • Trade Crate Supply Box At Hotel Kraut for Hidden with Polindina Moonstones.
  • Progress through the main story to reach St. Franglico Cathedral Chapel And find the crate supply box.
  • Explore. Allison Boulevard entrance Defeat Stargazers and enemies to discover additional hidden Moonstones.
  • defeat the crazy ass Boss in Alison Boulevard to get a hidden Moonstone.

1. Crate supply box

P - How to farm the Moonstone hidden in the lie of Krat Supply Box.
Opening Kraut Supply Box for Hidden Moonstone Farming in Lease of P

A hidden Moonstone can be found in Chapter 4 in St. Frangelico’s Cathedral Chapel Star Geyser by trading the Kraut Supply Box.

  1. Start by moving through the main story until you reach the St. Franciscan Cathedral Chapel.
  2. This can be difficult as you must go through the entire demo area and the Vanigny Works, defeating both Scrapped watchmen And King’s Flame Fukuoka On the way.
  3. Remember that extensive research is necessary before reaching your next Stargazer.
  4. After navigating through the Cathedral of St. Frangelico and its rooftops, you’ll encounter a room with a mini-boss.
  5. The mini boss is weak to fire, so the battle becomes easier if you have it. Flambridge.
  6. Defeat the mini-boss, go through the door on the right, and inside the small room, you’ll find a chest Crate Supply Box.
  7. Take the elevator before the passage and rest at the St. Franciscan Cathedral Chapel Star Geyser.
  8. From there, teleport to the hotel kraut and give it to the box. As polenta.
  9. Upon receiving the box, the Hidden Moonstone will become available in his inventory.

can buy for 300 ErgoAllows you to do a lot of work through farming to get plenty of hidden moonstones.

2. Hidden Moonstone in Allison Boulevard

How to Farm Hidden Moonstone in PK Lies - Allison Boulevard Interior
Form Hidden Moonstone at the Lies of Pea at the Allison Boulevard entrance (Image credit: Dianghia25)
  • gave Allison Boulevard Includes navigating and defeating dimensional butterfly and crazy monkey bosses.
How to Farm Hidden Moonstone in PK Lies - Allison Boulevard Interior
Unlock the hidden Moonstone at the Allison Boulevard entrance with these steps (photo by Dainghia25)
  1. The Hidden Moonstone is located at the Ellison Boulevard entrance star geyser.
  2. If you have activated a nearby ladder, you can climb it faster.
  3. At the top, turn yourself to Clemence Point and mark the roofs while staying close to the left wall.
  4. Go through the house, and you’ll find yourself on a set of planks that lead to the front of the roof.
  5. Turn your eyes to the left to find a nearby staircase. Bistrot de Croute mark
  6. Go down the stairs and then turn left. You’ll discover a hidden Moonstone on the threshold of one of the buildings.

Dimensional butterfly

How to Farm the Hidden Moonstone in Dimensional Butterfly Lies
Farm Hidden Moonstone in Lies of P – Dimensional Butterfly Hunt at Allison Boulevard
  1. Can be obtained through looting a Dimensional butterfly Within Allison Boulevard House.
  2. Crossing the blue roofs, Gemini will notify you, and a red dimensional butterfly will appear.
  3. Kill the butterfly to collect the hidden Moonstone.
  4. Early; If you delay The butterfly disappears.
  5. If you miss the chance, rest on the nearest Stargazer and return; The dimensional butterfly will reappear there.

Mad monkey

Crazy Ass Boss
Defeat the crazy-ass boss in Allison Boulevard.
  1. can be obtained by defeating crazy ass Before interacting with the boss big doors at Ellison Boulevard.
  2. The Hidden Moonstone is located behind a. the car Near the edge of the bridge.

3. Pilgrim’s Way

Bear carcass
Defeat the bear on the Pilgrim’s Path.

Hidden Moonstone #1:

  1. It may be located at the end of a short lake inland. The Way Pilgrims.
  2. Access it after defeating the giant bear carcass.

Hidden Moonstone #2:

  1. Go back to Path of the Pilgrim Stargazer And move forward along the way.
  2. To your right, you’ll encounter and eliminate a corpse and a dog corpse near the fire.
  3. After facing the two corpses, proceed to retrieve the hidden Moonstone from the lake area.

4. Workshop Union Culvert Stargazers

Farm Hidden Moonstone in Lies of P – Puppet coming out of water in workshop union culvert
  1. The first is in the open area, where puppets emerge from the water shortly after reaching the Workshop Union Culvert Star Geyser.
  2. is from the other Dimensional butterfly Near the large open area where the puppets emerge from the water.
  3. The third shortcut is after opening the gate. Workshop Union Culvert tunnel section.
  4. The fourth is contained within the surroundings of the one Puppet of the future After draining contaminated water in workshop union culvert.

5. Of District Malam

Black Rabbit Brotherhood.
Defeat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood to get the secret Moonstone (Image credit: FP Good Game)
  1. This can be obtained through looting. Black Rabbit of Malam District Brotherhood area
  2. You need to explore the area and enter a building with a corpse containing a jug.
  3. Break the jug to get a hidden moonstone.
  4. After receiving Trinity key from Harlequinyou can find a hidden gem near the stairs in a narrow alley inside the Malam district.

Other known places to farm Hidden Moonstones in PK lies

Arch Abbey Interior
Towards the entrance of the Workshop Union (Photo by FP Good Game)
  • One can be obtained by returning up the stairs. Workshop Union sign in Stargazer after an encounter with a grenade puppet.
  • You can return. Three But hidden moonstones Black Seashore.
  • Head to the next Stargazer at the Arche Abbey Entrance to find these upgrades up close.
  • Located in a hut with stairs after following the stargazer on the Path of Suffering.

Hidden Moonstones in Lease of P are your ticket to weapon mastery. Collect them through exploration, combat, or trading crate supply boxes. Strengthen your weapons, defeat legions of puppets, and accept the challenges of P presets. Uncover the truth behind the wires and conquer the game.

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