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P is a lie. 40 Technique weapons which will eliminate the technique and are commonly used for Fast attack speed and Slash which you can use to finish off enemies with high damage output. Players want to know what the best technique weapons are for both normal and special weapons.

Important: Players must check the damage of each weapon they decide to use in battle!

Key takeaways

  • P is a lie. 40 technique scale weaponsWith top picks like Dancer’s Curved Sword, Blind Man’s Double Sided Spear, Puppet Reaper, and Two Dragon’s Sword.
  • These weapons increase the total physical attack in PK Lies.
  • Some techniques may be weapons of scale. Increased capacity consumption or reducing attack speed.
  • Use of Technique Scale Weapons in PK Lies resulting in higher damage outputexcellent fictional arts, and versatility.

P Best Technique Weapons lie

Listed below are the best technique weapons and their summary version. Stats in PK lie:

Technique weapons Benefits Disadvantages Physical assault Motive scaling Technique Scaling Mythological arts
Dancer’s Curved Sword Good damage, decent range and versatility Low speed 113 C B Link retreating slash, guard parry
Blind man’s two-pronged spear Unique moveset, excellent damage output. Hard to get 97 D B Instant war, payback war
Puppet Reaper Attack speed, good range, amazing damage output. No one. 132 C B Instant Upward Slash, Storm Spinning Slash
Sword of two dragons A-Technique Scaling, Broken Legendary Arts, Agility. No one. 107 D Oh Link Emergency Dodge, Wind of Swords

1. Dancer’s curved sword

LOP Dancer's Curved Sword
Dancer’s Curved Sword
Dancer’s Curved Sword Stats Attributes
Kind of Great word
The weight 11.8
Physical assault 113
Motive scaling C
Technique Scaling B
Advanced scaling N/A

gave Dancer’s Curved Sword It is a b-scaling technique weapon primarily used for its insane damage output, along with its excellent range and versatility on the battlefield.

  • This is a The great sword Which can be obtained from the chest by following the path from the Rosa Isabel Star Geyser area, crossing a bridge and heading to the end of the alley guarded by puppets.
  • A sword consists of part of its blade. Dancer’s Curved Sword The blade, and part of the handle, which is the handle of the dancer’s curved sword.

Legendary arts such as Link Retreating Slash and Guard Parry are specific to the Dancer’s Curved Sword, making it one of the best P technique weapon lies, and are as follows:

Fabled Arts Effects
Link trailing slash Players can slash opponents in front of them and instantly retreat, and you can use an extra fable slot to move forward and slash them again.
Guard Perry You can deflect the opponent’s attack in time.


  • Disadvantage: Dancer’s Curved Sword deals excellent damage to players, enough to finish off enemies.
  • Range: The weapon offers plenty when it comes to range.
  • Ability: Finally, it can also be combined with various high-scaling technique weapon handles to further increase its overall effectiveness.


  • Speed: The overall speed that other technique scaling weapons can provide cannot be matched by the Dancer’s Curved Sword.

2. The blind man’s two-pronged spear

LOP Blind man's two-pronged spear
Blind man’s two-pronged spear
Stats for the blind man’s two-pronged spear Attributes
Kind of Sword
The weight 11.4
Physical assault 97
Motive scaling D
Technique Scaling B
Advanced scaling N/A

Blind man’s two-pronged spear A B-Scaling Technique weapon with an incredibly unique moveset and an excellent damage output.

  • Blind Man’s Double-Sided Sphere scales with D-Scaling to encourage his technique from B-Scaling.
  • can be obtained at St. Franglico Cathedral St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel After going there from the Star Geyser area.
  • Both the blind man’s double-edged spear blade and the blind man’s double-edged spear handle are parts that make up the spear and can be detached if needed.

As for the legendary art for one of the best technique weapons in Lies of Pi, they are listed below:

Fabled Arts Effects
Quick shot Players can jump out and stab while moving.
Payback War You can unleash a forward strike, and it can be used immediately after guarding an incoming attack to use up more of its power.


  • Unique Moveset: It features a unique moveset that gives players the ability to execute blocks with R2 charged and basic attacks, as well as perfect blocks.
  • Loss production: The spear also offers incredible damage output, allowing players to win battles more easily.


  • Hard to get: Players may have trouble getting the spear from St. Frangelico’s Cathedral because they have to take a long route.

3. Puppet Reaper

LOP puppet wrapper
Puppet Reaper
Puppet Reaper Stats Attributes
Kind of Sword
The weight 16.4
Physical assault 132
Motive scaling C
Technique Scaling B
Advanced scaling N/A

gave Bob’s the Reaper A b-scaling technique boss weapon with attack speed, solid range, and damage output.

  • A puppet cannot be a rapper Separated It only comes in one piece.
  • It is described as a chain-skull handle used to spray a bloody mist onto a crate, and a spring device would allow the handle. Extension Or simply use China.
  • To Get the popper wrapper. In Lies of Pi, give Alidoro a Burnt White King’s Argo.

For Fable Arts, Quick Upward Slash and Storm Spinning Slash are:

Fabled Arts Effects
Quick upward slash Players can unleash a slash aimed upwards at an opponent.
Storm Spinning Slash Players can rotate a few times in a wide range.


  • Attack Speed: Players can use the Puppet Reaper’s fast attack speed to continuously attack enemies that will render them useless.
  • Range: The weapon also offers good range compared to other weapons.
  • to harm: When it comes to damage output, it’s enough to annihilate enemies on sight.

Puppet Reaper has no major disadvantages, which is one of the main reasons why it is considered one of them. The best technique weapon in PK Lies.

4. Two Dragon Sword

LOP Two Dragon Sword
Two Dragon Sword
Two Dragon Sword Stats Attributes
Kind of Sword
The weight 12.9
Physical assault 107
Motive scaling D
Technique Scaling Oh
Advanced scaling N/A

moving forward, Two Dragon Sword An A-Scaling Technique weapon known for its agility as well as its versatile use during battle.

  • gave Two Dragon Sword The boss in Lies of P will have a special weapon type that cannot be disassembled and will be used as is.
  • The main way players can get it will be regarding Ergo of the Green Hunter eating a puppet On Alidoro.

The Fable Arts that are part of Dragon Sword Link are Emergency Dodge and Wind of Swords and are listed below.

Fabled Arts Effects
Link to Emergency Dodge. You can move forward and move quickly.
Wind of swords. Blow a wind of swords, and it will deal AoE damage to enemies.


  • Technique Scaling: Since A Technique scales with scaling, it will be at a higher level and can therefore benefit from it during combat.
  • The best of fiction: Also, Wind of Swords’ Fable Art allows enemies to take AoE damage.
  • Agility: Players can be extremely agile using two dragon swords.


  • Persistence consumption: The weapon will eat through stamina like anything else, and so using stamina is very important.

What are the technical weapons in PK lies?

LOP technique weapon
Technique weapons

Technical weapons are weapons that range from techniques (equal to Dexterity) and will increase physical attack for technique weapons.

There are weapons in the game that typically have scaling based on three stats, such as Motive, Technique, or Advance.

  • There are only a few The best technique weapon in PK Lies, Such as the Dancer’s Curved Sword, the Blind Man’s Two-Pronged Spear, the Puppet Rapper, the Sword of Two Dragons, Etiquette, and the Trident of the Covenant.
  • Weapons like Swords There will usually be separate blades and handles, and they can be combined with other blades and handles to increase their performance.

gave Technique weapons Its typical technique would be scaling starting with the highest scaling of A and going down to scaling D, at which it would be the lowest scaling, and then it would scale with either Motivity or Advance.

And that’s just about it! All the things players need to know. P best techniques lie weapons, And with that, let’s wrap up the guide! For more insight, refer to what the community finds in it. Reddit post about the best technique weapon in Game.

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