P Devs lie quietly add Denuvo DRM before game release.



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  • The studio behind Lies of P has added the controversial Denevo DRM to the game just days before its release. It was added to prevent piracy attempts.
  • The devs added the software on September 15th without officially announcing it beforehand. It was also added after the review ban was lifted.
  • Customers who pre-ordered the title are pretty upset. Many players are worried about the new polemical change, which may also affect the game’s sales.
  • Hardcore Souls is slated to release on September 18, 2023. PlayStation 4PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, MacOS, and PC.

Lies of P is one of the most anticipated soul-like entries in recent times and for good reasons. But many fans have recently become angry after Dev. Denuvo introduced DRM stealthily The tech has been added to the game just days before the title’s release into the wild, leading to a massive backlash from players. Anti-tampering software is included to ensure entry. Not pirated by bad actors.

PK Lies has added the controversial Denevo DRM to the game.
P devs lie added the controversial Denuvo DRM to the game.

Tracking via steam tracking site, Steam DBreveals that Denuvo DRM was added to Lies of P on. September 15. There are only four days left until the title comes out. Earlier, the devs have not mentioned any introduction of anti-tampering tech. So this has definitely taken the enthusiast community by surprise. Gamers who pre-ordered entry are cheating themselves. Because the team didn’t share it ahead of time.

Denuvo DRM was added to Lies of P on September 15th.
Denuvo DRM was added to Lies of P on September 15th.

Additionally, it feels odd that the studio only included anti-tampering software. After the ban on revision ends And reviews started flooding the gaming ecosystem. P-sales lies can also cause damage. A dip Due to the inclusion of controversial software.

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Lies of P is the closest thing to Bloodborne PC, and many users are excited about it. Action RPG is a demo. It has already accumulated more than a million downloads.. Moreover, some already define it. Like the best non-software soul They have never played.

However, Denuvo DRM integration is already done. Started eating away On some cues from fans. It remains to be seen what impact this addition will have on PK Lies. There are many other topics Performance faced and optimization problems after introducing Denevo. Denuvo may also have some new features. Make it difficult for users to import mods For games that use it. The devs have it. An official statement is yet to be issued. on the matter.

P’s lie is about to come out. September 18, 2023, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, MacOS, and PC. This popular novel “The adventure of Pinocchio” and explores it through the lens of “Dark beautiful background from the Belle Epoque era.

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