Overwatch 2 brought significant changes to Sombra and Roadhog.



Highlights of the story

  • Blizzard has revealed its plans for the long-awaited Sombra and Roadhog remakes.
  • The team is planning to make these heroes more effective while preserving their core identity.
  • The latest director’s take also mentions the changes coming to some other heroes like Orissa, Torbjornand Mei.

A recent developer update for Overwatch 2 has confirmed that Blizzard is moving forward with its plan. Sombra and Roadhog’s Overhaul. The hero-centric shooter had previously teased a remake for the two heroes as part of its sequel. 2023 Roadmap. While the exact details are still unclear, the developers have given the players Some insights What will they target with these changes?

Overwatch 2 2023 Roadmap
Overwatch 2 2023 Roadmap

According to the developer update, the focus is on Blizzard Three main objectives When changing Sombra’s kit and abilities. As an ambitious hacker who slips into the shadows. The sticky side of his cut Very important and will be kept safe. However, Blizzard wants to make sure that when he comes out of his hiding place, He is more committed to his competitions..

The developers also said that they “Functional sense“In his entire kit. While it may sound confusing, Sombra’s current abilities make his playstyle feel really passive, especially when compared to some of his other heroes. Overwatch 2’s Roster. Sombra. Can be more active Finding combat and engagements After these changes are live.

Sombra hacked an enemy player in Overwatch 2.
Sombra hacked an enemy player in Overwatch 2.

Of course, with him Hacker Personality Being a core part of her identity, Blizzard reassured players that she would still be able to Hack the enemies. And Health pack. So people worried about him losing that part of his kit is nothing to fear. It’s hard to see exactly where. Sombra will fit into Overwatch 2’s roster. But after these changes, it’s clear that Blizzard wants it to be one. A very dynamic and animated hero moving forward.

The developers also announced some of their main ideas while transforming the Roadhog. Overwatch 2 changed that. The game’s traditional 6v6 compositions Instead in a new 5v5 style. This meant that each team A low tank. To compensate for this, the tank character was given a ton more. Strength and survival. However, since then, Roadhog was in trouble Finding a place in New team comps That was born.

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The developers said they plan to fix it by expanding it. Ability to protect your team. Roadhog will also be able to do it. Claim more space.which he Currently struggling a lot. To make sure they don’t Mislead Far from its core identity, the team plans to retain it. the fork And The ability to heal. Finally, they want to balance his power, build it. More effective in combat.

More details about these two heroes are likely to emerge in the coming days. For those interested, the full developer update also includes a bunch of other changes, including some rollbacks Reduction of Orissa Fortification Damage and Torbjorn’s primary fire recovery time. Devs are also going to take a look at me. By pulling back on some adjustments They returned to his kit Season 5.

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