Overwatch 2 Best Supports (Top 5 Support Heroes) 



Overwatch 2 is an excellent sequent to its first Overwatch. Many changes have been brought to several heroes, such as changes in abilities, roles, and many others. Supports are crucial in Overwatch 2 as they can buff their allies and provide healing abilities.

Here’s a quick summary and comparison of all the Best Supports in Overwatch 2:

Rank Hero Health Primary Weapon Ultimate Ability
1 Lucío 200 Sonic Amplifier Sound Barrier
2 Zenyatta 50+150 Orb of Destruction Transcendence
3 Ana 200 Biotic Rifle Nano Boost
4 Kiriko 200 Healing Ofuda, Kunai Kitsune Rush
5 Baptiste 200 Biotic Launcher Amplification


Sonic Amplifier
Lucio Hero Information Screen (Image Captured by eXputer)
Role  Health  Primary weapon  Ultimate ability 
Support  200 Sonic amplifier Sound barrier

One of the first supports we would like to introduce to you will be known as Lucío. As a support hero, he is ranked as an S-tier unit, and his overall playstyle includes being in the middle of the battlefield while being able to cause an ample amount of knockback to his enemies. Apart from that, he can also buff and heal his fellow, making him even more useful. 


Lucio Abilities (image captured by eXputer)

There will be a total of 6 abilities that Lucío will be able to use, and all of them will make him an excellent unit to invest in. 

Wall Ride 

Starting with one of his passive abilities, whenever the Wall Rideability is active, it will instantly allow the player to make a wall leap without needing to get a headstart.

The ability will also buff up your overall movement speed by 30%, and the distance will be increased by 2.5 meters for every second you are on your feet. After that, it enters its extremely short 0.5 seconds cooldown. 

Sonic Amplifier 

With Sonic Amplifier in hand, it will be a weapon ability, which will be able to launch out 20 projectiles every round, and will outlaunch it in a split of 4 rounds. Every second, that projectile will continue to move a total of 50 meters, and it will have an overall 0.15 meters of AoE, damaging enemies. 

Every time you need to reload the weapon, it will take 1.5 seconds to get through its animation. 


As for soundwave, it will be a basic ability that will essentially be an AoE-based ability. Whenever cast out, it will be able to cause knockback to opponents, dealing 25 damage and allowing you to move 15 meters for every second you cause damage to any enemy in front of you. 

The max active AoE range will be a total of 8 meters, and when the ability is finished, it will enter its 4 seconds cooldowns. 


Another AoE-based ability will be known as crossfade, which will allow your fellow to heal up 16 base health per second, while the player playing as Lucio will heal up 12 HP per second. 

Alongside that, you can also experience a 25% boost to your overall movement speed, and after that, the 0.38 seconds cooldown starts. 

Amp It Up 

As for the Amp It Up ability, it is a bigger healing ability that grants allies the ability to heal up 52 bases HP and 40 HP for yourself. You will also be able to have your movement speed enhanced by 60%, which is pretty huge, and the ability will be active for 3 seconds, and the 12-second cooldown will start after that. 

Sound Barrier 

Lucío’s ultimate ability will provide shields for himself as well as his allies, and it will continue to stay active for 7 seconds. And the total amount of points required for the ultimate will be 2940. You might want to read up on our Overwatch 2 Doomfist guide if you want to know more about the overall playstyle, abilities, and tips!


Zenyatta (image captured by eXputer)
Role  Health  Primary weapon  Ultimate ability 
Support 50, 150 shields Orb of Destruction Transcendence

Moving on, the next support we would like to focus on will be Zenyatta, yet another excellent S-tiered unit. With him in your arsenal, he will be able to launch out orbs that will be imbued with immense harmony and will be able to provide a certain amount of protection as well as healing for his fellow allies. He will also be able to debuff his enemies, making them all the weaker. 


As for the abilities, Zenyatta will have a few solid abilities that can be used in combat.

Zenyatta Abilities (image captured by eXputer)

Orb of Destruction (Primary)

The first ability we would like to mention will e the orb of destruction. It is a weapon-based ability that will do 48 damage while being able to aim projectiles at the opponent. The projectile will get launched at a speed of 90 meters per second, while the total radius in which the projectiles hurt will be 0.15 meters. 

Orb of Harmony (Secondary)

As for the second orb of harmony skill, it will be a secondary weapon ability. Per the orb launched out, it will deal 48 damage, and for every volley, it will be able to deal a total of 240 damage. You can charge up your weapon after 1.5 seconds once the animations end, and the rate of fire for the weapon will be 1 shot being launched every 0.144 seconds. 

Orb of Harmony 

Moving on, the Orb of Harmony will be able to provide 30 base HP for his fellow allies, and it will be a targetted orb aimed at your allies to heal them as their HP gets drained consistently. The max range for the orb will be 40 meters, and the skill duration will be 3 seconds in total. 

Orb of Discord 

The ability increases the damage that enemies receive by 25%, allowing them to die out more quickly. The projectile can travel at 90 meters every second and consistently hurt enemies. 


As for his ultimate ability, it will be able to grant players 300 HP every second that passes, and it will essentially be an AoE-based ability that will have a max range of 10 meters. It will stay active for about 6 seconds on-field. 


Ana (image captured by eXputer)
Role  Health  Primary weapon  Ultimate ability 
Support 200.0 Biotic rifle Nano boost

Next up, we have Ana in our arsenal. She will yet again be able to provide several different healing abilities to her allies while impairing the enemies present in front of her. 


Ana Abilities (image captured by eXputer)

There will be a total of 4 abilities that Ana can use, which will be listed below. How about checking out our Overwatch 2 Tips Tricks guide, which will tell you all that you need to know about being the best at the game?

Biotic Rifle

Starting with a weapon-based ability, she can cause 70 damage every 0.58 seconds, and it will be a projectile and a hitscan-type aim ability. The projectile will be able to travel a total of 125 meters every second, and its overall AoE effect will cover a radius of 0.3 meters. Ana will receive 12 ammo, and her rate of fire will be 0.8 seconds per recovery. 

Sleep Dart 

A projectile-type ability will cause five damage over a pinpoint-type angle, and the projectile speed will fall by a considerable 60 meters every second. The AoE of the Sleep Dartwill cover a radius of 0.2 seconds, and the overall casting time will be 0.3 seconds. The ability will stay active for a total of 1.5 to 5 seconds, and then it enters a cooldown of 12 seconds. 

Biotic Grenade 

An arcing projectile type of ability, it can cause 60 damage to her fellow enemies and will provide 100 healing. The projectile will continue to travel at 30 meters every second, and the AoE effect will cover a total of 4 meters. In contrast, the ability continues to stay active for 4 seconds, after which it will instantly enter the 10 seconds cooldown period. 

Nano Boost 

Regarding her ultimate ability, it provides the player a damage boost of up to 50% and will also provide 250 base health restoration. The players will gain 50% damage negation, while the max range for the ability will be 40 meters. The overall cost for casting the ultimate ability will be 2100 points. You might find our Best Overwatch 2 Characters Guide extremely useful if you want to get to know more about the best meta-friendly characters in the game!


Kiriko (image captured by eXputer)
Role  Health  Primary weapon  Ultimate ability 
support 200.0 Healing Ofuda, Kunai Kitsune rush

Next up, we have Kiriko, who will be a ninja that can provide ample healing using her kitsune spirit and protect herself and her allies against several tough opponents. 


Kiriko Abilities (image captured by eXputer)

She will have six main abilities that will make her A-tier support, which is listed below. 

Wall Climb 

Her first ability will be one of the passive abilities that will grant her the ability to jump up and instantly climb up at walls and will be typically able to help with her overall movement but will not provide any more damage. 

Healing Ofuda 

As for her primary weapon ability, it will be a projectile-type ability that will allow her to provide healing of 13 for every talisman, and for every burst, she will heal up to 26 HP. The max range will be 35 meters. You will get a total of 10 ammo. For every burst, you will be able to use up 2 ammo. How about reading up on our Overwatch 2 Starting Heroes guide?


As for the secondary fire, the weapon will cause anywhere from a minimum of 40 to a maximum of 120 damage to enemies. For every 0.55 seconds that pass, you will be able to shoot out one shot, and players will receive 12 ammo, amongst which they can consistently launch headshots with an x3 multiplier. 

Swift Step 

The next ability we will encounter will be Swift Step, which will be a targeted aim-type ability. Whenever it is activated, it will remove any kind of debuffs applied on Kiriko, and it will have an overall range of 35 meters. It can also allow players to teleport to their allies, and after that, a 7-second cooldown begins. 

Protection Suzu 

As for the protection, the suzu ability will provide 50 healing for yourself, and the overall duration will be 0.75 seconds, and then the 14-second cooldown begins. 

Kitsune Rush 

Last but not least, the player’s movement speed will be increased by 50%, and the overall max range will be 25 meters. The overall aim for the ability will be to be an AoE ability. Regarding the reload time, it will only take 50% of the actual reload speed. 


Baptiste (image captured by eXputer)
Role  Health  Primary weapon  Ultimate ability 
Support 200.0 Biotic launcher Amplification

Last but not least, Baptiste will be a person who will wield a couple of different devices and will be able to help their allies survive for longer periods and will have a few solid abilities. Baptiste will be ranked as an A-tier unit. 


Baptiste Abilities (image captured by eXputer)

Regarding the abilities, there will be 6 abilities to take advantage of, and they will be listed below. 

Exo Boots 

The first ability will be passive, and it allows you to move 17.44 meters every second with a full charge, and its max range will be 9.1 meters. If you hold down on crouch, you will be able to launch yourself even higher. 

Biotic Launcher 

As for the primary weapon, the Biotic Launcher will be able to unleash a max of 25 damage for every round. There will be a total of 45 ammo being provided to you, and you will get one burst for every 0.58 seconds. 

Regenerative Burst 

The Regenerative Burst will be able to heal up allies by a certain amount of HP over a period of time over a 10-meter radius. The total casting time that will be required will be 0.160, and the skill will stay active for 5 seconds, after which the 13-second cooldown starts. Our Overwatch 2 Beta Login Error guide will be useful for you!

Immortality Field 

An Arcing Projectile type that will prevent your personal HP as well as the HP of your fellow allies from dropping down below 10%, so your survivability rate is increased all the more. The cooldown time for the ability will be 25 seconds. 

Amplification Matrix 

Lastly, we have an Amplification Matrix that will be able to increase your healing as well as your damage output by 100%, with a max range of 35 meters. The ultimate cost will be 2310 points, making it a costly ability. With that, we will wrap up our Overwatch 2 Best Supports guide! While you’re at it, why not check out our Overwatch 2 Crossplay Cross Progression guide?

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