Over 500 devs team up against Unity to protest new runtime fee changes



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  • According to a new Games Industry report, more than 500 devs have now run afoul of Unity’s new Install Runtime Fee policy. The number consists of many PC and game devs.
  • The devs have signed a collective letter seeking to shut down all IronSource SDK and Unity Ads monetization to anyone who shares the same views.
  • Some of the companies that recently signed the now-discontinuing collective letter include Tap Nation, People Fun, Magic Tavern, Belka Games, and more.
  • The new Unity runtime policy has proven to be detrimental to indie devs. This is relevant to indie games due to the potential ability to divert most of the profits. The system can also be misused by users in a way.

Many companies and devs have joined hands to rebel against the recently announced Unity runtime fee policy. According to a recent report by Games industryThe number of online protests has increased to a. Large scale of over 500 dice Signing the Collective Letter – After collecting over 500 signatures to stop it all, it has now been removed from public access. IronSource SDK and Unity Ads Monetization Currently.

According to the games industry, Many PC and mobile devs The collective has participated in letter signings, including Tap Nation, People Fun, Magic Tavern, Lion Studios, Belka Games, Machine Zone, and more.

As an immediate action, our collective of game development companies are forced to cease monetization of IronSource and Unity ads across all of our projects until these changes are revised,” the letter read.

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The collective letter invited other devs to join the cause and turn off monetization. He reiterated that “The rules have changed, and the stakes are high.Additionally, the letter also addressed the runtime fee policyUnacceptable changeThe devs partner with Unity and need to be canned immediately.

Unity is the whole drama of the engine. developed on a large scale. Which no one expected. However, the backlash seems to be justified based on the concerns raised by over 500 devs. The runtime fee policy could shake up the gaming ecosystem in several ways. It will make things. Pretty tough for little Indy Davis Who can do it? Failed to profit from their games. In addition, users can also abuse the policy by reinstalling titles multiple times.

Unity has sought to address growing industry tensions, Apologies for its recent runtime changes.. The company explained this. The runtime fee will not increase by more than 4 percent of the devs’ income, but the damage was already done. This is also recent announced a change in its new policy. To be as compliant as possible with industry demands. We can expect to hear more in a “in a few days.

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