Over 400 developers came together to work on Lords of the Fallen.


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  • According to a recent announcement, Lords of the Fallen has more than 400 developers, including 90 internal developers, who have worked on the game for 4 years.
  • The studio also confirmed that the game will feature 30 bosses, 3 unique endings, and 13 player classes, 4 of which are secret.
  • Lords of the Fallen features 194 weapons and shields, 76 spells and elixirs, and 339 armor pieces, allowing players to try out hundreds of different builds for their playthrough.

The developers have recently revealed. Lords of the Fallen There will be 30 bosses and 3 unique endings. In addition, the game features 194 weapons and shields, 76 spells and catalysts, and 339 armor pieces, giving players a lot of variety and freedom in their construction. With a team of over 400 developers, the highly anticipated title has been in development for over 4 years.

We can expect the game to have plenty of content for quite some time. in comparison, PK lies And Dark Souls 3 has 25 bosses, while Blood-producing There are 22 owners. Furthermore, P and Bloodborne lie have 3 endings. Dark Souls 3 Considering how popular and content rich each of these titles is, we can see something similar in the case of Lords of the Fallen.

Another good news for fans is that their upcoming entry has a wide variety of builds. With over 194 weapons, 339 armor pieces, and 76 spells and catalysts, there should be plenty of variety for casual and hardcore gamers alike. Although this is only one aspect of the game, having these options gives players the opportunity to try different things and challenge themselves with each playthrough.

Alden Ring – Lords of the Fallen – Armored Corps 6.

It is also quite impressive to see the number of developers working on this title. For comparison, From the software was around Alden Ring and Armored Core 6 have 300 developers working simultaneously., and both of those titles are among the biggest in their respective genres. However, the comparison is unfair, especially since Hexworks is a relatively new studio, with Lords of the Fallen being its first project.

Nevertheless, over 400 developers working on a title for 4 years can be a very positive sign. But one thing the recent trend of video game releases has told me is that things can go south very quickly. Despite this, what we’ve seen of the game so far has been received positively. As an avid Souls fan, I will say that Lords of the Fallen has immense potential, offering Real mechanics that feel like Dark Souls meets Dishonored 2..

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Lords of the Fallen will be released. PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC On 13 October 2023. Prepared Hex works Published by and CI GamesSoulslike Entry is the successor to the 2014 game with the same name.

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