Outerplane Tier List: All Characters Ranked (2023)



Welcome to eXputer’s Outerplane Tier List. If you are seeking to understand which characters are the best from this mobile game, then you have landed at the right place. The strategies are dependent on informed decision-making, and the purpose of this tier list is to highlight the high-priority characters while showing you the worst characters

I have ranked all the characters in 4 tiers. S Tier to the D Tier, providing you with valuable insights as I rank the characters. I have committed myself to keep this tier list up to date, considering any updates or adjustments made by the developers to ensure that you get the most up-to-date information.

Important: The Outerplane Tier List is based on patch version V.1.1.24.

Key Takeaways

  • The characters in the tier list are ranked considering how well they excel in all the modes of Outerplane.
  • The tier list has ranked these characters from the S Tier (Strongest Characters) to the D Tier (Weakest Characters).
  • Valentine and Noa are the best characters, and they are great in damage output and are the best options for PvE and PvP.
  • Dolly is the best defensive Fire Mage, while Eternal is the best offensive mage in Outerplane. I have ranked Saeran as the best healer and the second-best healers, Leo and Tio.
  • This Tier List is subjective and relevant to the current meta of Outerplane.

All Outerplane Characters Ranked

Here is an overview of all the characters from Outerplane with character names and types.

Character Type
Valentine Damage Dealer
Noa Damage Dealer
Rin Damage Dealer
Eternal Damage Dealer
Hanbyul Lee Damage Dealer
Francesca Damage Dealer
Beth Damage Dealer
Maxwell Damage Dealer
Vera Damage Dealer
Kate Damage Dealer
Laplace Damage Dealer
Eliza Damage Dealer
Pesketh Damage Dealer
Alpha Damage Dealer
Tanya Damage Dealer
Naru Kang Damage Dealer
Yuri Damage Dealer
Stella Damage Dealer
Sigma Damage Dealer
Idith Damage Dealer
Laine Damage Dealer
Shu Damage Dealer
Flamberge Damage Dealer
Orox Damage Dealer
Guizam Damage Dealer
Bleu Damage Dealer
Dolly Support/Healer
Saeran Support/Healer
Tio Support/Healer
Leo Support/Healer
Cindy Support/Healer
Claire Support/Healer
Faenan Support/Healer
Adelie Support/Healer
Lisha Support/Healer
Marian Support/Healer
Veronica Support/Healer
Rhona Support/Healer
Philia Support/Healer
Sofia Support/Healer
Iris Support/Healer
Eva Support/Healer
Rico Support/Healer
Alice Tank
Snow Tank
Fenrir Tank
K Tank
Parti Unknown
Yulia Unknown
White Beast Unknown
Daisy Unknown

Outerplanes Tier List Breakdown

The overall tier list can be sorted in the following order.

Tier Characters
S Valentine, Noa, Rin, Dolly, Eternal, Saeran
A Tio, Leo, cindy, Hanbyul Lee, Francesca, Beth
B Maxwell, Vera, Kate, Laplace, Eliza, Claire, Pesketh, Faenan, Adelie, Marian
C Veronica, Rhona, Philia, Alpha, Tanya, Naru Kang, Sofia, Iris, Alice, Yuri
D Stella, Snow, Eva, Lily, Fenrir, Sigma, Idith, Laine, K, Parti, Shu, Flamberge, Orox, Guizam, Rico, Bleu

S Tier

Outerplane Tier List Best Characters
Best Characters

Certain characters are above the rest and are considered essential. They are placed in the S Tier of our tier list. These characters can help you climb the summit and reach new heights.


Valentine is best in both PvE and PvP. The damage output is very good and gives a boost of 20% to her ally characters. Her ability, known as ‘Lucky or Die, ‘ boosts DPS and increases the critical hit rate.

Her best ability is ‘My Bloody Valentine’, which is the best in the Outerplane. It disrupts the enemy’s turn and gives you a big strategic boost. In short, she is a strong DPS character that boosts your team and is a key strategic disruptor.


Valentine was a strong DPS character, but Noa, in my opinion, is the best DPS character out there. With the best critical hits and vicious attacks, she reigns supreme. She has a beautiful character design and animation, it might not be a factor in putting her on this tier, but I couldn’t resist mentioning it.

You can brute force through enemies using Noa, many consider her absolutely essential to success in the current meta. If you aren’t in the mood for a strategic endeavor in PvE and want to speed up your progress, then Noa is the best character for you, but in PvP, you need to use a strategy instead of overreliance on her brute force.


The best water DPS in Outerplane. Good against enemies that are weak to water. Rin is a character that is very good alone. Let me explain it further; Noa is a good DPS, no doubt, but she relies on Valentine Rin, on the other hand, doesn’t rely on others much. 

Noa and Valentine are given more importance in the tier list because they together can help you clear most of the content of the game and are not that hard to land. Rin is very good, and there are hunts that, for example, Noa can not do as well as Rin.


The best defensive fire mage in Outerplane. For a defensive team, she is going to stand out in comparison to someone like Eternal, who does well in offensive teams. If you are using tactics to survive, the eternal is the best, as she absorbs a lot of damage.

Currently, it takes around 10 days to summon Dolly through shards, which can be a bummer for some players but with time, I expect this to decrease.


The best offensive fire mage in the world of Outerplane. For an offensive team, she can be a great sub-DPS. She is one of the best 3 stars, and in my experience, she is much better than Rin. Who many consider very good, but I found him overrated and thus placed Rin below her.

In PvE, she is one of the best, and in PvP, she is not bad at all. In all the 3 star characters, I would rank her to be in the top 5. Her fire debuff increases speed and is good for defense.


She is currently the best healer in Outerplane. There are two other healers, Leo and Tio. Both might seem better than her, but for us, Saeran was the best one. There are reasons behind it. First, she can heal the largest amount of HP among the 3 of them, and it costs a high CD, yes, but Leo is a hard pull, and Tio, who has a short CD, lacks the large healing ability of Saeran.

A Tier

A Tier Characters
Great Characters

The characters can be considered essential as well, but they fall short somewhere in comparison to S Tier characters. Though, the characters of the A Tier of the Outerplane Tier List don’t fall short by a lot.


She has a short CD and is among the 3 best healers in Outerplane, but the difference between these 3 is not day and night. I have put Saeran in the S Tier while Tio is in the A Tier, but that is based on very small factors.

The reason that Tio is here on the A Tier instead of the illustrious S Tier is that she needs another healer against tougher bosses, and in the long run, I would always pick Saeran.


A solid team tank and works best when paired with a fire ranger. Against healers and earth mages, he is very good but against Noa, that is the end of Leo.


A fire ranger with good buffs and good damage output. Reliable tackiness and works well with other fire rangers. Very good in PvP situations.

Hanbyul Lee

She is the counter-attacking queen of Ouerplane. Her counterattacks enable her S1, which will boost the priority of allies by 3%. Pair her with Veronica, and you have got yourself a very solid character. I feel she is one of the most underrated characters in Outerplane.


Against a single target, she is very good at inflicting damage. When the opponents are afflicted with bleed effects, she can increase the damage output. Use her with characters that have the bleed effect. A very underrated character, in my opinion.


Pairing her with bleed characters gets the best out of her. She is very good against guild raid bosses when paired with Eliza. With an entire bleed team and UE, I would consider her one of the best characters of the A Tier.

B Tier

Average Characters of Outerplane Tier List
Average Characters

The B Tier consists of characters that I consider good enough to do the job according to the criteria I have set for the Outplane Tier List. You can put these average characters to good use.


In PvE scenarios, his DPS stands out, but in the current meta’s PvP his performance is not as strong. It takes many turns to charge him, which makes him weak in the current fast-paced meta.

There are other characters that are much better than him in PvP situations. The meta can change over time, and till then Maxwell will remain in the B Tier.


The best DPS in the game is Noa and not too easy to land. Vera is Noa but on a budget. She is good for a 2-star striker and clears waves well. The biggest issue is her S3 which doesn’t land a crit strike.


For the story mode, she is good enough; to be honest, you don’t even need a tank for the story mode. But in the online mode, she is a solid character. Her high-scaling shields are not overly impressive but do a very good job. Just use Tio instead of her.


She is hated by many, but she is a solid character. People sleep on her, but my experience rates her as one of the best nukers in Outerplane. She might not be good against bosses, and her shield is not that impressive, but that doesn’t mean you rate her that low.


With the new updates, her new passive has given her the ability to give random bleed to an enemy. This aids in removing buffs from enemies, and with an S2, you can apply bleed to everyone. If her gear requirements were not high, I would have placed her in the A Tier of the Outerplane Tier List.


When you need 2 supports, then Claire is a good secondary support. I wouldn’t use her as the primary support, though. She has good damage for support, and some of her skills are great. Use ‘Vanguard Charm’ to build her.


Pesketh is a good PvP character with his buff purging ability and scaling damage. It weakens and disrupts the enemies by removing their DPS and dents their offensive game, but in PvE, he is not that good.


A good healer that can boost your immunity and priority. Wil quickly heal allies with low health, and the AoE of its healing is very good. An above-average character that sadly couldn’t break into the A Tier.


Can clear waves well, as she has an impressive AoE.  Good in PvE and above average in PvP. In the tower, she is very bad, and stronger bosses avoid her. 


In the guild raid, she will deal a good amount of damage. She is like a cheat code in that. Against bosses, she is good and provides a great defense break.

C Tier

C Tier Characters
Bad Characters

The C Tier contains the second-worst characters in this tier list. They are useless, but I wouldn’t go down and label them completely useless. As there is a separate tier for them in the Outerplan Tier List.


Now I turn the focus to tanks. Veronica is considered to be the best tank in Outerplane. She has a great combination of offense and defense to offer. The best thing is that it is very easy to land her, and many players can easily do it, but I have a disagreement.

The character comes under a lot of scrutiny for not being good in PvP and not of importance in PvE. The current meta is very fast for her to be of very significant importance in PvP. Unless the gameplay slows down, she will remain in the C Tier for us.


The current update did her dirty by slowing her down. She has been nerfed by the developers, and it is sad to see. She had everything to be a top-tier character, but for now, she will reside in the C Tier.


She has a good stun and can decrease the priority of the enemy. Good enough for PvE, but in PvP, avoid her like a plague. A very bang-average character.


Good at beating the defense of the enemies. In PvE, he is good enough but in PvP situations another character I would avoid using. Good for the tower and red dungeons. You can pair her with Laplace.


Good at stunning enemies and has a good area of effect. She is good at evasion and can stun enemies. The ATK reduction power keeps her in the B Tier, or else she would have been perfect for the D Tier.

Naru Kang

It may inflict stun and be very weak when it grants you immunity. The DPS is average and may perform in some strategic teams overall, I would classify it as a bad character on the Outerplane TIer List.


A good strategic character if you want someone to spam attacks. She is good in PvE and PvP situations alike, and for novice players, she is a good character to invest in.


Against some bosses, she did well as she can light stuff on fire, but other than that, she is a bang-average character and perfect for the C Tier.


She was supposed to receive a buff, but she is not a mage I would go for since other mages are there that perform well in both PvE and PvP, but she is not good at either.


For a 1 star character don’t skip her. In your early endeavors in Outerplane, she can be a good character. Dispels debuffs and increases the defense of all the allies.


Good AoE damage and low buff turn. A useful character but she wouldn’t be part of the second-worst tier if she had a little bit of consistency. Very good in green dungeons, though. 

D Tier

D Tier Characters
Worst Characters

The characters in this tier are the weakest ones. They are best avoided, and it is better to keep a distance from these shunned characters.


A 3-star, light ranger. Stella is unlocked when you complete the hard story at 1 star. You can’t view her in the codex. I don’t think she is a very good character. There are others out there that are much better. There is a lot of grinding required, and in chapter 10, on hard mode, you have the opportunity to unlock her, but it is not worth it.


In PvP, she is horrible, and horrible here is not the worse word I could have used. Attacks an enemy and has an average AoE strike, avoid her. People seem to love her in the new meta, but I couldn’t do so.


A light healer. She is a rare character in the world of Outerplane, as light characters are very less, but nothing special about her. Maybe her attack down is one good thing about her.


Okayish support in the offense and is good at debuffing. Is fast and has a dual attack. That is about it. Pick her in the earliest levels, then forget her.


A below-average character with a range of average bonus damage. Very bad in PvP, PvE, and Tower but equally terrible in dungeons. 


Her notable attribute is her high speed which allows her to act quickly in battle but besides the speed, her performance I overwhelming. Unlocking her is not a piece of cake, and you need to put in a lot of effort.

But after this, if you get a character with so many limitations, then looking for other options is a better thing to do. There are many alternative characters that are more rewarding and better than Sigma. 


If you are looking for an alternative to Naru, then Idith is your character with poor defense scaling but good evasion. Besides this, there is nothing good about Idith. Avoid her.


She is the only poison character and probably poisonous for you if you pick her. Low base attack and lackluster performance, Though it will give a speed boost to your team, which doesn’t compensate for her terrible statistics. 


I think K is the weakest tank in Outerplane. Removes buff from the enemy and can attack it but has a poor AoE and accuracy of attacks. Avoid it at all costs.


Has an average burn effect and increases the caster’s accuracy, but besides this, she has a lackluster kit. Inability to optimize her ultimate ability and there is a lot of potential that the gameplay is not favoring her.


I highly recommend you not use this character. Yes, she removes buffs from targets, but besides this, she is bad in PvP, PvE, and dungeons; she is overall terrible.


An earth healer, she attacks the enemy and increases the SPD of a random ally. She then heals all allies equal to 35% of her current health. A healer this weak is someone I would recommend avoiding since you can easily land better healers.


Another one-star earth healer with a somewhat good AoE strike but besides this, I would highly recommend avoiding using this character. In PvP, he might be the best one from the D Tier.


Inflicts bleed and have an average AoE strike, but besides this, the fire striker is not worth your time and effort


Somewhat appreciatable healing and a good boost to your caster’s accuracy. The stun effect of Rico is good enough, but it doesn’t warrant her a place in the upper tiers because, overall, she is terrible.


A 1-star mage, Bleu is poor in PvE and PvP. She ranks the lowest on the tier list because her attacks are below par, and has a barrier ability that is rendered useless. 

Outerplane Tier List Patch Notes (V.1.1.24)

This Outerplane tier list is based on the latest patch update dated July 6, 2023. The Tier List is subjective in nature and based upon my opinion, which can’t be considered the ultimate truth. As different players may have varying levels of success with different characters, thus this tier list can be used as a starting point for exploration. It is advised to include your personal preferences and play style while making decisions with respect to this tier list.

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