Only one Nintendo Wii U was sold in September.


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  • According to analyst Mat Piscatella, only one Nintendo Wii U was sold in the US between May 2022 and September.
  • The Wii U went up against the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A weak lineup of launch titles combined with minimal third-party support led to its commercial failure.
  • Despite its performance in the market, gamers today remember the console fondly. Many of its adaptations were released on the Nintendo Switch.

Even after all this time, there’s still someone who wants to experience the Wii U as one of the consoles that managed to go on sale in the US last month. Industry analyst Matt Piscatella reveals an interesting sales fact. Stating that the Wii U was sold for the first time since May 2022. Additionally, the last time a PSVita was sold was in November 2021, with three handhelds purchased during the transaction.

The Wii U was Nintendo’s answer to the eighth generation of home consoles, competing against Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. After the success of the original Wii and its DS & 3DS A family of handhelds, the company had a great launch. Although the idea behind Nintendo’s device was profound, it failed to capitalize on its potential and push it forward.

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Several factors contributed to the Wii U’s commercial failure. While criticism was directed at its user interface and the gamepad’s short battery life, its low sales were attributed to a weak lineup of launch titles. This was compounded by limited third-party publisher support and poor marketing, including an identity crisis with the Wii U’s gamepad.

Despite extremely low sales throughout its lifetime, the Wii U is fondly remembered by fans. In a 2017 interview with The Times MagazineReggie Fils-Aimé commented that the console “A necessary step to move to Nintendo Switch.While it wasn’t one of Nintendo’s shining moments, it did manage to provide a fair amount of support for the device before it was phased out, releasing many of its exclusives for the Switch.

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As Nintendo Switch Coming to the end of his cycle after an extraordinary run, rumors about his successor continue to fly. There is yet to be any official statement or reveal but many believe that the console will be shown sometime in 2024.

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