One Piece Odyssey Stop the Bombardment Chapter 2 Walkthrough



Stop the Bombardment is the seventh objective of Chapter 2: Memories of the Desert Kingdom, Alabasta in One Piece Odyssey. The Straw Hats find themselves on a battlefield in the middle of the city, with Crocodile once again slipping away from the scene.

Read on as we go through the events in Stop the Bombardment, sharing some tips and tricks, as well as some clues to the whereabouts of collectibles.

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Stop bombing targets

Go to the Clock Tower

After meeting with Vivi, Nami recalls the events that happened when the Baroque Works planned to blow up the Clock Tower.

As you make your way back to the clock tower, Bon Clay and his lackeys block your path. A special target will appear during the fight that requires Sanji to land the finishing blow, so hold back as much as possible as Bon Clay has quite a bit of HP. Once defeated, you will be rewarded with the power of Bon Clay which provides +287 ATK.

After the fight, Usopp discovers that the bomb inside the cannon is already on its countdown. Thinking fast, the crew uses Luffy as a slingshot to deflect the bomb into the air, saving the city from destruction.

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