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In games in the JRPG genre, there are multiple ways to level up quickly, and One Piece Odyssey has been confirmed to have one such method to level up quickly from combat to exploration and more. Read on and players will know how to level up fast.

How to level up fast in One Piece Odyssey

Level up fast in One Piece Odyssey

There are different ways to level up quickly and easily in One Piece Odyssey. Technically, the most logical choice is to defeat waves of enemies during combat. Winning battles will reward players with not only EXP for their party, but also money and other items that will prove useful for players’ future endeavors.

Apart from fighting enemies, there are other ways to level up faster. Below is a list of ways to earn exp faster:

  • Luffy’s Field Action Skill
    • Luffy has a special field action ability known as Observation Haki. This move can be used to spot and identify enemies that have BONUS EXP. If there are enemies with BONUS EXP, GOLD EXP will be displayed on top which players can face and they will receive more EXP than normal battles.
  • dramatic scenes
    • During battles, there will be times when mini-missions will appear out of nowhere known as Dramatic Scenes. Each of these scenes will have a specific combat condition unique to a particular Straw Hat member. If the players successfully fulfill the conditions, they will gain higher experience after the battle.
  • Camping
    • Throughout the main story, there are plenty of places where Luffy and his team can set up CAMP and take a break. In this feature, players can engage in activities like cooking and crafting. If he does, it will grant the set additional EXP.
  • bounty hunts
    • Bounty Hunter is a feature of the game that gives players the chance to get more unique and challenging EXP and rewards. Technically these are side quests in different areas and towns on the island and while rewarding, the objectives will be difficult so preparation will be key.
  • Memory Link Quests
    • Memory Links are additional quests that players can complete during World of Memories. Players will face a series of strong enemies but with a challenge or limitation. Most of the enemies in this mission will be familiar enemies that Luffy and his gang have faced in the past.

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