One Piece Odyssey: Best Spots To Farm Berries



The currency used in One Piece Odyssey to buy different items, like accessories and food items and crafting materials is called Berries. Berries are important if the players want to buy some exclusive items that will help them and their adventure. By using players will be able to buy recipes for certain food items as well as expensive accessories and crafting materials. 

Key Highlights

  • Berries are the major form of currency in One Piece Odyssey. 
  • There are a lot of ways to earn berries, but the best one includes completing side quests, participating in battles, completing bounty tasks, and selling extra accessories. 
  • The players will also be able to farm berries in spots like the Skytower and New Royal Plateau. 
  • By exploring as Nami and using her thief skill, players can collect a huge amount of berries from the enemies. 
  • Berries can be used for high-level equipment and exclusive items in the game.

How To Earn Berries In One Piece Odyssey 

If the players want to get their hands on some of the most expensive accessories they would have to collect around 1,000,000 berries in the game. Farming berries is not that hard; however, it is time-consuming. There are certain locations where you will be able to collect berries in One Piece Odyssey. Moreover, there are also quests where you will get berries as a reward. You will also be able to unlock an achievement as soon as you earn 20,000,000 berries in the game. 

There are a lot of tips and tricks that the players can follow to earn Berries in One Piece Odyssey. 

Fight Every Fight 

If like Nami you are hungry for money then you will want to take upon as many battles as you can in order to earn berries in the game. The fastest and easiest way to earn berries is to battle the enemies and defeat them in the game. A single fight that you take on and when will reward you with thousands of berries depending upon the difficulty level and the enemy.

Berries In One Piece Odyssey
Fight Enemies (Image Credits eXputer)

With time you will be able to accumulate enough berries to afford any expensive accessories that you want to buy without going out of your way. Most of the battles are a part of the main campaign so you won’t have to put in additional effort to earn the berries. However, if you are looking to farm as many berries as possible from defeating enemies then we recommend that you challenge more powerful and high-level enemies in the game. 

If you are fighting an enemy during the mid game, then you will be able to learn around 50,000 berries. However, the amount will depend upon the level of enemies as well as the difficulty level of the game. Your composition matters a lot here. If you are fighting any high-level enemies then you will want to have the best team setup. We recommend using Nami’s powerful attacks.

Boss Fights

By having a good composition you will be able to they down any enemies that come to your way and farm as many berries as possible from them. The major boss fights will reward the players with millions of berries and they are definitely a good source of earning in-game currency. However, remember that you will be able to challenge these bosses only once in the game.

You will want to utilize any source of berry making as there isn’t much in the game. While you cannot challenge the bosses again you will be able to fight any lower-level enemies to farm them for Money. If there is a particular boss that you feel is quite easy to fight then revisit him at any point in your game whenever you need some cash. 

Use Nami’s Thief Skill 

One of the best skills to use in the game to make money is definitely the Thief Skill of Nami. However, make sure to use it properly otherwise you will end up getting yourself in trouble. By using the thief skill of Nami you will be able to collect anywhere around 25,000 berries in the game.

Berries In One Piece Odyssey
Use Nami’s Skills (Image Credits eXputer)

If you are up against a low-level enemy then you will be able to collect around 1000 berries but since it is not a high amount we recommend that you don’t use the skill in any normal fight. Any of the chapter bosses or minibosses will reward an even much higher amount of berries. Therefore you can use the thief skill of Nami in major boss battles. There are a lot of major and mini-bosses in the game so by using the skill not only will you be able to get berries from bosses but also get them as a reward later on in the game. 

Journey Passive Of Nami 

Another ability of Nami that isn’t talked about enough is her ability to sense money nearby. She is one of the best characters you should use when exploring as she will be able to track down any berries and the surrounding region. One Piece fans know how obsessed Nami is with money in both anime and manga. This is why the developers have granted her this ability where she will be able to spot any berries lying around.

By using her senses you will be able to track down berries located in deserts and even rivers. So whenever you are out exploring in the streets, make sure to play as Nami. While roaming around she will say “Oh! My Money” which will be an indicator for the players that there are berries lying around. Make sure to check the spots where there are more frequent spawns of the berries, like enemy camps and ruins.

Best Spots To Explore

You will also find a lot of dropped cash in the cities, and they can be anywhere from 10 to 80,000. If you have free time then we recommend that you explore the areas while playing Nami to collect some cash lying nearby. A good spot is the City 7 Staircase where you will be able to find a lot of berries. You will be able to access the staircase in the General Store Section of the area.

In this area alone, you will be able to collect millions of berries. There are a lot of other spots as well where the players will be able to collect cash lying around. There is no other character that has the ability to track senses. So if you are not exploring Nami as your main character then you will have to switch quite often. While it is no doubt that you will collect a lot of berries by playing as Nami, switching between different characters can be quite a task. 

Sell Spare Items 

Like any other RPG, One Piece Odyssey will also allow the players to sell any extra items they have in their inventory. This is a quick and efficient way of earning extra cash in the game period you will be able to sell any extra ingredients that you no longer need.

All Ways to get Berries In One Piece Odyssey
Craft and sell accessories (Image Credits eXputer)

After you have successfully crafted any items or cooked any meals that you need you will be able to sell off any extra ingredients to make money. But that is not all as the game will also allow the players to sell accessories. The best part about it is that you will be able to earn more money by selling accessories as compared to selling ingredients. Some accessories in the game are not worth using due to their low stats. All they will do is take up space in your inventory so it is better to sell them.

Selling Accessories

Depending upon the accessory you sell you will be able to make a few 1000 berries. It is important to clear out your inventory from time to time of these low-stat items otherwise, you won’t be able to focus on collecting items that are actually more powerful. However, keep in mind that you will need some of the accessories for upgrading later on in chapter 3, so sell them carefully. To avoid any risk you can sell ingredients only as they spawn quite frequently in the surrounding regions.

There are some locations that have more ingredients as compared to others so keep an eye out for them. Furthermore, they spawn almost everywhere so finding them is not a difficult task. During your general exploration keep an eye out for these Ingredients as well so you can sell them later at the shop. 


The major part of One Piece Odyssey is definitely the bounties. They are like a side mission and you will be able to take on a lot of Bounty Tasks that will reward you in different ways. They are tied to many trophies in the game as well, and they are a good way to earn berries to buy different items.

How To Earn Berries In One Piece Odyssey
Take on Bounties (Image Credits eXputer)

When you first start out in the game you will be able to see some Bounty Boards that contain bounties on the heads of other pirates in the game. The players will be able to hold all the bounties at once to find and track the enemy. After completing a boundary task the players will get 10% of that total reward. In the early game, the bounties can be anywhere between 4 to 5 million, so you will be able to get your hands on around 40 to 50 thousand berries bounty.

The players will be able to do more bounties once they learn the mechanism. It is definitely a great way to earn easy money, and by chapter 4, the players will be able to take on around seven bounties at once. Any bounties you take up will show as a small wanted poster on your map. But keep in mind you would have to use a middleman for these bounties as you are wanted yourself. So you will only get 10% of the bounty which might not be a lot, but it is definitely enough. 

Opening Chests 

Throughout your gameplay, you will come across many chests that will have random items in them. However, the majority of these chests will have the in-game currency in them and in quite large amounts. Every so often, you will come across these chests while exploring the map.

Opening Treasure Chests
Opening Treasure Chests (Image Credits eXputer)

Make sure to open them as they will always have berries or valuable items. Even if you don’t get any money, you will still get your hands on some useful items that can be used in crafting accessories that will help you in battle. You can sell those accessories if you don’t need them in order to get some cash. 

Side Missions 

A great way of earning money in One Piece is to take on any side missions or quests that you come across. The rewards you get from these side missions vary. However, most of these side missions will reward you with a hefty amount of money.

For instance, in one of the side missions, you will have to find two specific items for a nobleman in Nanohana Harbor. By completing the side mission you will be able to get your hands on around 40,000 berries. As the difficulty level increases, the rewards for side missions will also increase.

They are definitely one of the best ways to earn money, and you will be able to unlock more side missions after you finish the memoria chapter. Make sure to complete all the side missions if you are looking to farm money. 

Best Berry Farming Spots 

Other than the methods mentioned above, you can also farm berries in the different regions throughout the game. There are two major spots in the game where you will be able to find a lot of berries. You can farm berries in other regions of the game as well, but these two locations have the most amount of berries in the game. 

New Royal Plateau In Dressrosa 

The first location is in Dressrosa called the New Royal Plateau. The players will be able to farm a lot of berries in the top and bottom spots of the plateau. The spot is considered one of the best ones when it comes to farming for money in the game. As compared to other locations where players can find money, the New Royal Plateau does not have many mobs to go through.

Expore The New World Plateu
Explore The New World Plateau (Image Credits eXputer)

So you won’t have to waste a lot of your energy to farm in this location. We recommend that before you go out in the search of berries in this area make sure you have unlocked some high-level abilities of Luffy. For instance, the players can go to the farming spot if they have unlocked the Gum-Gum King Kong Gun, Conquers Hockey, and other high-level abilities.

Because these two abilities will help you out a lot when dealing with mobs and will allow you to farm money in a faster and much more effective way, the mobs here are fairly easy to defeat, and that is why you won’t get many rewards here. However, compared to other locations in the game, the number of berries that you will be able to farm here is still high.

With every enemy you defeat here, you will be able to gain around 50 to 80 thousand berries. Make sure to have abilities like the TP Regen And Cost Reduction accessories as they will help you when you are out farming for berries. 

Skytower In Waford 

The most popular area for farming berries is definitely the Skytower. The players can obtain millions of berries just in this single location. However, due to the location being rich in rewards, there are also many difficulties to deal with enemies here.

All Methods of Earning Berries In One Piece Odyssey
Explore the Sky Tower (Image Credits eXputer)

The area is recommended for players who have completed the majority of the main quests and leveled up their characters at least two a level 50 or higher. You will encounter some of the hardest enemies in Sky Tower, which might require a lot of tries to defeat. All of these enemies are high level, and you will need a proper strategy to deal with them.

But all the fights will reward you with a lot of berries, and in most cases, you will be able to own more than 200,000 berries in One Piece Odyssey. So your priority should be Skytower when it comes to farming, and make sure you are prepared before entering the location. 

Summing It Up

With this, we conclude our detailed guide on different farming methods for berries in One Piece Odyssey. Don’t forget to check out our guide on trivia quizzes and the best cheats for the game. Also, look at how to obtain the Max level in One Piece Odyssey. You should definitely check out the best equipment in the game, as you will need them during the major boss battles. Before leaving our page, don’t forget to check out our detailed guide on how to cook meals using different recipes. 


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