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One Piece Is More Likely to Be Dropped by Fans Than Any Other Manga

A study indicates that One Piece is the manga that readers are most likely to fall for along with other popular series like Attack on Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen.

Are fans ditching the iconic Eiichiro Oda? One piece sleeve? The answer is yes according to new data.

As reported by anime senpaia recent poll by the popular Japanese website All About News revealed the “most fan-abandoned series”. One piece it ranked undesirably first in the poll, which ran from October 17 to November 8 and had only 376 participants. Reasons people gave for their waning interest included the length of the fight sequences, the amount of joke elements, and the highly detailed artwork.

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by Hajime Isayama attack on titan and Gege Akutami jujutsu kaisen tied for second place on the most released manga list. Other notable series that entered the top fifteen are those of Tite Kubo. BleachMasashi Kishimoto naruto, by Yoshihiro Togashi hunter X hunter, by akira toriyama Dragon Ball and Takeshi Obata Death Note.

One Piece is still a huge success

Oda first published his One piece manga in Shueisha’s Weekly Sh┼Źnen Jump in 1997 and the ongoing series has produced over 1,000 individual chapters. The story follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a young, rubber-bodied pirate captain who dreams of becoming the next Pirate King, as he and his colorful crew sail across the Grand Line in search of treasure. hidden holder. While some readers may fall One piece halfway, many more adore Oda’s masterpiece; With more than 516 million copies in circulation worldwide, One piece it is by far the best-selling manga of all time.

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Furthermore, the manga isn’t the only successful part of the long-running multimedia franchise. the last movie, One Piece Movie: Red, opened in Japan in August and in most Western markets in November. On its opening day in the United States, the title surpassed that of DC Universe. black adam in terms of box office sales. Up to this point, red film has earned over 18 billion yen (approximately $180 million) at the worldwide box office, currently making it Japan’s highest-grossing film in 2022.

Several notable brands have also recently released a host of collectibles and merchandise based on Oda’s pirate series. VANS has launched a new One piece clothing line of shoes, t-shirts, hoodies and more that feature iconography of One piece like Jolly Roger and Wanted Posters of the Straw Hat Pirates. Similarly, Lush stores in the United States now sell Devil Fruit-themed bath bombs.

the One piece The manga is distributed in English by Madman Entertainment and VIZ Media.

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