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One Piece Fans Almost Guessed Vegapunk’s Design

The following contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1066 “Ohara’s Will” by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul, and Vanessa Satone, available in English on Viz Media.

Chapter 1066 One piece, “Ohara’s Will” finally revealed Dr. Vegapunk’s original human form. In classic Eiichiro Oda style, the character looks more goofy than anyone could have imagined. However, that never stopped anyone from trying.

People have been speculating about what Dr. Vegapunk would look like for years. As such, all sorts of fan art has been featured of what the artists thought it would seem the main scientist of the World Government. No one got the design right, but many of them had some pretty good guesses.

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What does Dr. Vegapunk look like?

For a long time, the only image fans had of Dr. Vegapunk in history was one of him operating on Bartholomew Kuma. He appeared to have a gangly build, wearing a striped shirt, lab coat, and gloves, most of which are typical of a scientist. However, not only was he just an imaginary image to the doctor, but his face was obscured. The only real clue anyone had about his appearance was the rumor that he was an old man.

Another type of fake design was introduced via Dr. Vegapunk’s Satellites, six androids he built to help him with all his work. The first to appear was Vegapunk Lillith in Chapter 1061, “Future Island Egghead”. At the time, his status as Vegapunk’s understudy was unconfirmed, but many guessed it from the “Punk-02” on his jumpsuit. Needless to say, neither she nor the other five Satellites represented the actual look of the original Vegapunk, the “Stella”.

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Dr. Vegapunk’s true appearance was revealed in Chapter 1066. At the age of 43, he was a short, stocky man with a bulbous nose, a well-groomed mustache, bushy hair, rosy cheeks, and high eyebrows. However, his most notable features were his incredibly high and wrinkled forehead with a widow’s peak and a tongue that constantly hung down to his waist. No one could have anticipated the ridiculous proportions of his head and tongue.

In the present story, Vegapunk removed the top half of his head and replaced it with what appears to be the top half of an apple. His hair has also turned white and may have receded, but it’s hard to tell without the rest of his head. This is probably an exaggerated version of the famous image of Albert Einstein sticking out his tongue. The apple could be a reference to Isaac Newton.

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What did fans think Dr. Vegapunk would look like?

One Piece Chapter 1066 Pages 16-17

Some fans guessed that Vegapunk he would look like einstein. At the very least, some believed that he would have white or gray hair, if he did, a mustache or some other type of facial hair, and a wrinkled forehead. It makes sense that the smartest man in One piece he would look like one of the smartest men in real life history.

Some even jokingly claimed that Vegapunk he would look like rick sanchez of rick and morty, which is technically not too far from the truth. In that show, Albert Einstein is shown and bears a vague resemblance to Rick; at least they were similar enough to confuse the former with the latter. In this sense, it could be argued that Vegapunk looks like Rick because Rick looks like Einstein.

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Some predicted other attributes of Vegapunk’s design that have nothing to do with looking like Einstein. some guessed that would have cyber enhancements, which may or may not be what the apple is for. Some supposed that he would be a short man with a big head for his big brain. There were many who assumed that he would have a mustache simply because he was an old scientist, though no one could have guessed how Oda would style it. Many people assumed that he would have goggles or glasses, but he was only shown to the past Vegapunk wearing sunglasses, and it is unknown if he regularly wore them. For all these different ideas, some of them had to be right.

All things considered, the fans did a good job of getting a general idea of ​​Vegapunk’s design. For a while, the only thing they knew for sure about Dr. Vegapunk was that he would be an old man. No one could have gotten the look of him perfectly, especially with Oda’s design philosophy, but there were certainly some admirable attempts.

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