Nuevo México, An Unofficial Fallout Title Dropped Its First Trailer



Story Highlights

  • Around 2 years ago, the Nuevo Mexico team revealed Fallout: Nuevo México, a new fan-made Fallout game that would function on the Fallout New Vegas engine.
  • The showcase features immersive combat, a captivating storyline, and an evident homage to New Vegas.
  • The second part of the gameplay will arrive before the end of summer, and the third and possibly final will come later this year, signaling a 2024 or beyond release date.

Revealed over 2 years ago, Fallout: Nuevo México is a brand-new fan-made Fallout title that is being made on the New Vegas Engine. The game will be a full-on experience including all the combat and world-building from the original games. Set in the desolate landscape of México, players embark on a thrilling adventure through post-apocalyptic wastelands, encountering intriguing characters, and engaging in tactical encounters. This project aims to deliver an authentic Fallout experience, fueling excitement among dedicated fans globally.

The game has been on and off production for the last few years, but the game had always stayed in development by both the main team and individuals contributing to the project. With multiple teasers and soundtracks later, we finally received our first official gameplay trailer featuring an 18-minute showcase, revealing its immersive combat, a captivating storyline, and an evident homage to New Vegas, this title excels in every aspect, promising a truly remarkable experience.

The gameplay trailer, which has miraculously crossed 150,000 views, shows a plethora of features, characters, some combat, and hints as to what the bigger story is. The trailer shows the player dual-wielding and some 3rd person based combat although there’s not too much shown. The highlight of this trailer was the cutscenes and all the characters conversing with a multiple-choice dialogue system.

Players can see the New Vegas factor in this game, as the entire map and characters give off that same nostalgic vibe. The trailer also features what seems to be different camps and gangs marking territory, which could lead to an entire web of communities and factions just like in other Fallout titles. Although the combat aspect was lacking, everything else looked extremely solid.

The developers revealed in a comment stating that this is the first of 3 planned trailers that will be showcased. This was the first, the second one will surely be revealed sometime before the end of summer, and the final one will be later this year. This may be hinting towards a 2024 or further release window, but without more information, we can’t be too sure.

The community still has different remarks on the project. While long-time fans absolutely adore the idea of a Fallout title on the New Vegas engine, many casuals or new to the series fans have been talking about the devolved graphics. But players need to realize, that this is not a AAA title, it is a fan project that is trying to recapture the original identity of the Fallout games as perfectly as it can.

The project is still under heavy development, and although the base of the game and the idea have already been represented pretty well, it’ll be some time before we can actually get our hands on the experience and truly analyze what the title actually represents. Nuevo México is shaping up to be an incredible throwback to one of the greatest RPG titles ever made, and with the added attention from its dev team, we can hope for it to be even more.

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