Nintendo May Be Partnering With Google On A Standalone VR Device



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  • A new rumor indicates that Nintendo is allegedly collaborating with Google to develop a standalone VR headset for the Switch 2.
  • This headset will presumably use Raxium’s “cost-effective and energy-efficient high-resolution panels.”
  • Nintendo has previously dabbled in this department and the company’s affinity for experimenting with new experiences lends ever so little credence to this rumor.

According to a rumor, Nintendo may have partnered with Google to create a standalone VR device. Based on the information, that comes from an insider @NWeedle, Nintendo has been testing Raxium’s patented MicroLED technology which boasts “cost-effective and energy-efficient high-resolution panels.” Based on the tests involving its VR prototype, Nintendo may have incorporated these displays in what might be Switch 2.

Additional details on the rumored headset from Nintendo allegedly indicate that the device will feature a mixed reality, use the aforementioned MicroLED panels by Raxium, is intended for domestic use, and also has some form of involvement from the technological conglomerate, Google. As is the case with all rumors, we advise that you take this information with more than just a grain of salt.

When it comes to exploring the horizons of hardware, Nintendo has always gotten its feet wet in the name of innovation. Back in 1995, the company launched a device called Virtual Boy that was marketed as the first console capable of portraying stereoscopic 3D graphics. While it may have been a critical and commercial failure with several disadvantages, it’s a testament to Nintendo’s affinity for experimenting with technology.

Nintendo Virtual Boy
Nintendo Virtual Boy

In the eighth generation when Nintendo was competing against Sony’s Vita, the company released the 3DS family of systems that utilized technology to provide a 3D experience without the need for a headset, glasses, or any other piece of added hardware. But that’s not all the company has done when it comes to exploring new horizons in 3D and VR tech.

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In 2019, the company also launched a VR Kit under the Nintendo Labo banner. It centered around a pair of VR goggles with a cardboard frame that allowed players to view 3D images using the Switch console. In functionality, it shared some similarities to Google Cardboard. All of these events indicate Nintendo’s fearlessness when it comes to experimentation, lending minor credence to this rumor.

Nevertheless, considering that this VR headset is allegedly a standalone device, Nintendo will most likely announce it a few years from now. The main reason for such a decision would be to ensure maximum attention to the rumored Switch 2 which many believe will arrive in 2024. At the moment, there is no official information on either front and so, to reiterate, take this rumor with several servings of salt.

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