Nintendo Australia’s Zelda Tears of the Kingdom announcement ‘reinvigorates’ gamers



A new The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom ad from Nintendo Australia is now being praised for its depiction of the game’s benefits.

nintendo australia Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Announcement It is titled “Rediscover Your Sense of Adventure” and features a weary businessman riding the bus home. He comes home, does his usual chores, and then tries out the new game in the living room, where he is suddenly “reinvigorated” by his creativity after trying a puzzle.

During his bus ride, the businessman turns on his OLED Nintendo Switch and plays the game again, this time Link is fighting various types of enemies. After defeating them all, he quietly celebrates while in his seat. He then sees Link riding a flying machine in the sky and then looks out the window and the blue sky. He lets out a breath, but this time he’s having a good time.

Several gamers approve of this simple and nostalgic ad from Nintendo Australia as it shows the positive aspects of gaming as it can provide entertainment and escapism for people who always feel stressed after work or other daily routines. It now has over 840,000 views and 48,000 likes.

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom launches May 12, 2023 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.



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