Nightdive Studios Has Temporarily Halted The Development Of SiN: Reloaded



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  • Nightdive Studios has announced a delay in the development of SiN: Reloaded.
  • The studio made this decision to focus on other projects that have exceeded their development period.
  • SiN: Reloaded will continue development at a later date, which Nightdive will announce at an appropriate time. 
  • Some changes to the title should also be expected, but no specific details have been shared on that subject.

Nightdive Studios has recently announced that it will halt the development of SiN: Reloaded to focus on other projects that have exceeded their development period. The title will continue development at a later date, and fans are in complete support of the studio’s decision. We can also expect SiN: Reloaded to go through some changes, the details of which are unspecified for now.

SiN: Reloaded was announced in September 2020 and has since been under development. Unfortunately, the studio seems to have several other projects requiring even more urgent attention than the title. Nightdive Studios has exceeded the expected development period of other titles, affecting the quality of SiN and similar projects.

You may have noticed that there have not been any updates on SiN: Reloaded in quite some time and there’s a good reason for that. As we’ve been focusing on other projects that exceeded the expected period of development due to reasons that have been stated several times until now, this unfortunately had an impact on some of our other tiles, including SiN,” says Nightdive Studios.

Luckily, the project has not been scrapped and will be continued later. Additionally, it will undergo some changes, the details of which should be revealed once the studio is done with its other titles.

That being said the project isn’t dead and we will continue to tackle SiN: Reloaded, but at a later date. The project will also go through some changes which we are not ready to analyze yet,” says Nightdive Studios. 

So, the return of the classic 1998 shooter game will take some time, and the fans seem very understanding in this case. Nightdive Studios has earned great respect for amazing titles, and fans believe that this delay will only be used to enhance the quality of these games. One fan on Twitter said, “Take your time and release a product that you’re proud of. I still have the system shock remake to work through, which is incredible.

SiN is an FPS video game developed by Ritual Entertainment and published by Activision. It was released in 1998 and was well-received for its level design and premise. But due to the issues from a rushed release, the game sold poorly. SiN: Reloaded will deviate from the bad steps taken by its ancestor and can potentially become the game it was meant to be over 20 years ago.

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