Next Honkai Star Rail Banner New Characters Officially Revealed



HoYoVerse recently revealed new details about the new characters from the Honkai Star Rail banner ahead of their global announcement.

Three new characters will be included in the upcoming Honkai Star Rail banner and were revealed ahead of the official global announcement. These three characters are limited 5-star Silver Wolf and Luocha and 4-star Yukong. They will be included in the upcoming update version 1.1, which also brings new content to the game, possibly a continuation of the Xianghou Lufou arc from the main story.

Fans seem to like Silver Wolf as she is related to one of the fan favorites, Kafka. According to the tutorial, she is a character from Quantum/Nihility and is a hacker type of girl. She can manipulate the space around her and create constructs to fight for her.

Based on Dan Heng’s solo story in the main story, Luocha is a traveling merchant who carries a mysterious giant coffin with him. He will be the second Imaginary character and follows the Path of Abundance with healing powers.

Yukong is Tingyun’s superior officer and is in charge of local security. No other details have been revealed yet, but he will most likely be a 4-star character.

Honkai Star Rail is available now for PC and mobile with PS4 and PS5 versions planned for release.



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