Next-Gen Xbox Consoles May Feature a Crypto Wallet, Leaked Court Documents Reveal



Highlights of the story

  • Next-generation Xbox consoles may have a built-in crypto wallet, as recently revealed in Microsoft v. FTC court documents.
  • Neither Microsoft nor Xbox have so far acknowledged their support for digital assets or interest in crypto-tech for the gaming industry.
  • We still recommend taking trusted leaks with a grain of salt. Microsoft May decide to change his plan before the next generation comes along.

Leaks of the recent Microsoft v. FTC court document—now taken down—resulted in a considerable number of details. However, a serious feature was also spotted in the recently leaked documents, which suggests that the Xbox brand may be tinkering with the crypto wallet feature behind the scenes. A report by BizTechAfrica reveals that Microsoft wants to integrate a crypto wallet into its next-generation consoles in the future.

Microsoft talks about bringing a crypto wallet to its next-gen Xbox consoles.
Microsoft talks about bringing a crypto wallet to its next-gen Xbox consoles. || Image source: NeoGaf member Draugoth.

Unfortunately, no more details are known about this crypto wallet feature which is listed in the above slide. Neither Microsoft nor Xbox have come forward with a statement to publicly acknowledge their support of digital assets or their interest in crypto-tech in regards to the gaming industry. In addition, the giant conglomerate is among the earliest early adopters of cryptocurrency technology.

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Sony He has also shown considerable interest in crypto and NFT technologies in the past. It has published several patents in the past that discuss its integration into games. For example, he patented a legal document to authorize. Players buy “shares” of NFTs in games. He has also previously published a patent. To temporarily rent out NFTs to players.

Overall, we recommend taking the new Xbox leak with a grain of salt, despite its strong reputation. Microsoft has not publicly announced any such feature, and it may change its plans in the near future.

The leaked court document has revealed a host of other important details and plans regarding the Xbox brand. An email about Phil Spencer reacts to PlayStation 5. Also up front the CEO was quite confident in the Xbox Series X with higher specs than the PS5. Furthermore, we learned that The next generation of consoles – especially the next generation Xbox consoles – It will start in 2028.according to more internal document leaks.

Regardless, in recent times, the Xbox series of consoles will see the release of brand new models next year. even Discless Xbox Designs The Series X refresh model came out amidst the recent flurry of leaks in the industry. It is currently unclear whether the upcoming refresh will feature the controversial crypto wallet.

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