New World Weapon XP Farming and Best Locations (October 2023)


Some locations for Fast Weapon XP Farming in New World Season 3 have moved along with the release of The Rise of the Angry Earth. Ideally, the best weapon farming locations contain enemies that have a fast spawn rate. In this guide, I will help you find Weapon XP easily and find the best Weapon XP farm locations, so you can master weapons quickly.

During my time playing New World, I learned that weapon mastery is crucial. Requires farming Weapon XP to unlock bonuses, modifiers, and abilities for that specific weapon. The more you wield a weapon, the more Weapon Mastery points you’ll accumulate, which can be allocated across two branching skill trees, allowing players to mix and match to establish their unique combat style.

How to Easily Farm Weapon XP

The best way to farm XP for weapons is Go to certain places with many enemies and defeat as many as you can with AOE attacks using the weapon you wish to gain Weapon Mastery with. In those locations, attract as many enemies as possible before taking them all out at once with AOE. This easily farms weapon XP much faster than shooting them down individually. This way you can eliminate a group with AOE attacks before immediately moving on to the next.

It is worth noting that Farming for weapon XP is best done once you have reached level 60. which is the level cap of the New World. This is because you will get diminishing returns to player and weapon XP by eliminating enemies that are more than 10 levels below you. Once you reach level 60, this no longer applies, making it easier to gain weapon XP by taking out lower level enemies. In general, it is ideal to level up your Weapon Mastery naturally when you are below the level cap rather than specifically seeking Weapon XP.

You too Earn more weapon XP by eliminating enemies alone unlike when you’re in a raid group. This is because you share weapon XP when fighting together with a group.

If you have to be with a group, you can Play songs with your party to increase your weapon XP gain. This works even if you’re not fighting alongside friends and are spread out across the map. Songs like “Blacksmith Arm” and “All Together Now” work best for cultivating weapon mastery.

Besides, use a weapon XP boost to gain weapon levels very quickly, even for a limited time. Open your inventory and click on the boost button next to the repair button at the bottom left of the screen. This will open the list of weapon XP boosts you have available, drastically shortening the time it takes to achieve weapon mastery. These are available on all your characters.

Best Locations to Farm Weapons XP

The following are the best locations to farm Weapon XP in New World Season 3. Farm locations are easy to access and repeatable to level up quickly:

The gap, the great cleft

New World Thorpe location (map credits to

Commander Thorp’s Location to farm weapon XP quickly in New World Season 3 has been moved to Great Cleave. This is still the best way to farm XP for weapons. in New World. Although his location changed since the new update, this Elite Boss was not eliminated. and can be found spawning in The Hollowing. which features level 49-50 enemies. To get there, fast travel to the Battleclast Shrine and head southwest. Enter the area with the large floating pylon to begin the event.

The event works similarly to before, with mobs eliminated and Commander Thorp appearing. Eliminate the enemies there and Thorpe will appear granting a large weapon XP boost upon defeat. Being too close to Thorp when he appears can result in instant death due to objects appearing. Although this event awards a little less XP, it is faster overall. Joining a raid group may result in a penalty, so it is recommended to farm solo or in small groups for more XP.

Genesis of Malevolence, Edengrove

New World Malevolence location (map credits to

Genesis of Malevolence has level 62-66 enemies that are ideal for weapon XP farms. They can be found in the center of Edengrove. Head to Tor To-Riven which has an event that will spawn 3 bosses and a small army of elite enemies on a 6 minute cooldown.

Brightwood Island, Brightwood

Location of New World Brightwood Isle (map credits to

To reach Brightwood Isle, head to Lake Genevieve northeast of the Alchemist Shrine fast travel point in Brightwood and you’ll find stray enemies around level 34. Pull them over and then use AoE attacks to take them out in groups. Rinse and repeat until you get as much Weapon Mastery as you can. This location offers a reliable and quiet way to get weapon XP.

Eastshore Pier, Restless Coast

New World Eastshore Pier Location (map credits to

Eastshore Pier is southeast of Restless Shore, where you’ll find level 42 stray enemies that offer a good amount of weapon XP. You can gather as many as you can before taking them down with AoE attacks. Keep repeating until you gain complete mastery of the weapons.



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