New Unicorn Overlord Tactical Fantasy RPG Announced



Atlus and vanilla announce the new Unicorn Overlord tactical fantasy RPG.

The new tactical fantasy RPG Unicorn Overlord will launch on Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4 (digital only), and Xbox Series X/S on March 8, 2024. It will be developed by Vanillaware, the creators of Dragon’s Crown and Odin’s Sphere. and published by Atlus.

From creators of 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, Dragon’s Crown, and Odin Sphere, Unicorn Overlord shines by combining world exploration and an innovative battle system in the iconic Vanillaware style. Traverse the vibrant world, cultivate a vast army with over 60 uniquely designed characters, and grow your renown across all five nations in this unique epic fantasy experience!

In addition to the Standard Edition, a Collector’s Edition of the game has been announced. It will include the physical game, a Premium Edition box, a 16-bit BGM soundtrack CD (two discs with ten tracks each), a 132-page art book, and an original card game with 239 cards, tokens, and markers.

The Collector’s Edition will also include the Atlus x Vanillaware Heraldry Pack, a pre-order DLC, which allows you to customize the Liberation Army flag with emblem designs from Odin Sphere, Dragon’s Crown, and 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim.

More details will be published later.

Source: Press release



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