New Tears of the Kingdom Glitch Sends NPCs Flying In The Sky



Story Highlights

  • A player has discovered quite an interesting way to launch NPCs into the sky, giving them a tour of what we call the Link’s airline service.
  • The glitch involves using the ability Ultrahand and some creative crafting.
  • Although the NPCs fly far into the distance, they return quickly, allowing you to bully them without consequences.
  • It appears to be interesting as this glitch serves as a reminder of the Breath of the Wild speedrunning tech, involving Link flying to skip the most time-consuming content.

Twitter user, Daniel Néia, has come across an interesting glitch that utilizes the Ultrahand ability and some creative thinking, allowing you to shoot NPCs into the sky. Whether this is intentional or not remains anyone’s guess. Still, it does show an uncanny resemblance to the speedrunning tech used in Breath of the Wild, allowing players to finish the game within 24 minutes. Lucky for the NPCs though, the characters come back unscathed.

Néia’s crazy ventures reveal how creatively he uses the Ultrahand ability. In the clip above, he fuses a homemade wagon to a boulder with a poor Gerudo woman in the middle. Once fused, the object flies across the sky, giving the Gerudo woman her first experience in Link’s airline service. Regardless, it is safe to say that even Néia didn’t suspect the wagon to come back with such force. 

Perhaps in part 2, Néia became more cautious, this time encasing an NPC using six pieces of wood. As he rotates the wood onto its side, it causes both the contraption and its passenger to fly away into the horizon. Although the clips don’t show it, the NPCs are completely fine as they return quickly, so if you have some personal grudges against an NPC, you can have a go at them as many times as you want.

As for the reason why this mechanism works, someone replied to the comment with their logical reasoning, saying, “So my guess is the NPCs aren’t supposed to be rotated, so the game tries to put them the right way up, which then clashes with the crates hitbox and that causes the launch?” To this, Néia replied, “Yeap, that’s right.” 

For those unversed in how the Ultrahand ability works, it basically allows players to pick up, rotate, and even move objects. Players can then fuse the objects creatively and conjure countless things, such as the ones made by Néia. Even though the game doesn’t require you to have such skills to traverse its terrains and puzzles, people find it much more entertaining to beat Tears of the Kingdom in their own unique ways.

On a side note, Tears of the Kingdom has sold over a million retail copies in Japan while also dominating the market in France with over half a million copies sold. After witnessing such a massive global success, Tears of the Kingdom continues to improve for the players as its latest update 1.1.1 addresses a major main quest bug that has affected the progress of many Zelda fans.

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