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  • Silent Hill fans have been waiting for something to chew at for a while now, given how Konami held the Silent Hill Transmission Livestream back in October last year. Since then, things have been radio silent on the projects the developers have announced. 
  • A noteworthy industry insider has now tweeted a cryptic message, hinting at how we’re hours away from new Silent Hill reveals concerning the games that Konami has already showcased. 
  • Do take the rumor with a grain of salt since there’s no official confirmation that new reveals will happen anytime soon. 

To come to think of it, word has been minimal for the new Silent Hill projects that Konami revealed in its live stream transmission in October 2022. Now, however, a new scoop of information in cryptic fashion suggests that we’re mere hours away from something fresh on the Silent Hill front. Do proceed with a grain of salt, as always, since such an occurrence would be totally out of the blue. 

The rumor comes from noteworthy industry insider Dusk Golem who has been diligently following the Silent Hill series for quite some time now. Moreover, they have been pretty much accurate with pertinent news in the past and have even interviewed one of the developers of the upcoming Silent Hill: Ascension. Although the tweet is all riddles, it does give away that more Silent Hill information is coming out of the brewer in under 12 hours. 

That’s not all that has been popping off regarding Silent Hill. A few days ago, Dusk claimed they have “seen new trailers for Silent Hill 2’s remake, Silent Hill: Ascension, and Silent Hill Townfall, and that all of them are ready to be revealed soon. How soon, you may ask? It’s been said before June since the trailers are ready to go and are simply coming anytime now. Not a lot of days left before May’s end, so it’s only a matter of time at the moment. 

Dusk Golem on Discord Affirming the Arrival of Silent Hill Trailers Soon
Dusk Golem on Discord Affirming the Arrival of Silent Hill Trailers Soon

That is, of course, if what Dusk says is true. Given their track record, though, we know a lot of people have started to get their hopes up. It is questionable though as to why Konami decided to skip its entry of Silent Hill titles in the recently aired PlayStation Showcase. No major announcement related to Silent Hill came out of it, and this was one of the reasons why the whole event fell short of people’s expectations. 

At the moment, multiple Silent Hill projects are in the brewer. There’s the primary Silent Hill 2 remake that the entirety of the community is looking forward to, and a new Silent Hill movie titled Return to Silent Hill appears to be in development as well. Moreover, a Japanese take on the Silent Hill franchise has been featured in Silent Hill F—wonder how this one will play out.

Additionally, there’s Silent Hill: Townfall to talk about as well. Townfall’s teaser trailer is another mysterious show of hidden messages and whatnot left at the liberty of the fans to be explored and dug for concealed secrets. Moving forward, and perhaps, this is the most out-of-the-box reveal from Konami’s transmission, Silent Hill: Ascension was announced—an interactive streaming series, pretty much like Netflix’s Black Water: Bandersnatch.

The announcement trailer of the project showcases a horrifying figure along with a bunch of texts exchanged between a number of individuals. The texts seem to be pointing toward a female character, signifying that a certain someone is in hefty trouble. You know Konami—always keeping us in the dark with the Silent Hill series and not saying a thing more until it’s the right time. 

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