New Resident Evil 4 Remake Achievements Appear On Steam, Teasing Early Separate Ways Release



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  • The Resident Evil 4 remake has received seven new unnamed achievements on Steam, suggesting a possible upcoming update, like new Mercenary characters or the Separate Ways DLC.
  • Previous Datamines have revealed hidden game files that point towards the Separate Ways DLC. Regardless, Capcom has not yet officially announced the new update.
  • We suggest taking the new rumors with a grain of salt, as the achievements may amount to a small update instead of any new Mercenary characters or the awaited Separate Ways DLC.
  • The entry sold numbers in huge amounts after release, rolling over three million copies in the first two days. The Resident Evil 4 remake outsold Hogwarts Legacy in the UK during its first month.

The Resident Evil 4 remake has reportedly received seven new unnamed achievements in a new hidden change on the Steam page, suggesting a possible upcoming update. The achievements hint toward new Mercenary characters or even an early release of the Separate Ways DLC. As spotted on the title’s official Steam page, it seems like Capcom could soon be pushing a notable update or the highly awaited DLC in the near future.

The Resident Evil 4 remake Steam page showcasing the seven new achievements.
The Resident Evil 4 remake Steam page showcases the seven new achievements.

The achievements do not currently boast a public name nor any descriptions, omitting the ability to figure out what these could be. In the worst-case scenario, it is possible that the achievements may turn out to be achievements along with a small update. Regardless, a huge announcement concerning the suspected Separate Ways DLC may soon be divulged by Capcom related to these new additions to the chart-topping remake.

Some accredited game insiders have also stepped forward in the past and narrowed down the release date of the Separate Ways DLC despite Capcom not announcing it yet. There is plenty of evidence that suggests its eventual release in the future, and the new seven achievements have only added more fuel to the fire. Additionally, the insider, Dusk Golem, also elaborates that Separate Ways will have a lot of content for an expansion pack.

It is highly unlikely Capcom does not move forward with the Separate Ways DLC and more content for the Resident Evil 4 remake. In the past, game files related to the DLC in question have been found through data mining, suggesting its announcement.

Moreover, the game performed amazingly in sales, surpassing some of the AAA entries, including Hogwarts Legacy, during its first month since coming out in the United Kingdom. It sold three million copies globally in just two days after release.

While the remake encapsulated most of the original experience, some parts were still left out. Nevertheless, some of the cut content may appear in the new Separate Ways DLC, but there is no current way to confirm the prospect. Capcom has not yet officially announced the DLC after all. We suggest taking the new achievements with a grain of salt, as it is possible they may not hint toward an official announcement of the awaited DLC.

The Resident Evil 4 remake was released earlier this year, winning the hearts of nostalgic Resident Evil fans and newcomers to the series in one fell swoop. It reimagines the enthralling lore and gameplay of the original and preserves the essence that many fans know and love. A modder even paid ode to the hearty remake by working on a GBA Demake, running the game on an actual Game Boy Advance, and a GBA emulator.

The alluring horror venture came out on March 24, 2023, for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series S. It did not get an Xbox One release, and we cannot play it on Xbox Game Pass either.

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