New Report Claims Nintendo Plans To Increase Switch Production



A new report claims that Nintendo is increasing production of the Switch console system to meet its continued demand even though it is near the end of its life cycle.

In November 2022, Nintendo lowered its Switch sales forecast for the current fiscal year ending in March 2023. It cut sales by 2 million units from 21 million to 19 million, but now it appears to have changed its mind.

Bloomberg’s recent report he claims that Nintendo is now encouraged to increase their production as the shortage of components is now less these days. Demand for the console is also getting stronger, which means there are still plenty of fans wanting to buy a Switch despite rumors of an upcoming next-generation Nintendo console starting next year.

Production is planned to ramp up in Nintendo’s next fiscal year starting in April 2023. This will become the seventh year that the Switch has entered the gaming market.

Speculation suggests that the increase in production is due to the upcoming release of the new Zelda title: The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. There was a leak claiming to have revealed a new Switch bundle featuring the game’s colors and patterns. It is also predicted that there will soon be a price drop for all versions of Switch.

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There’s no next-gen hardware from Nintendo this year, but it could happen next and possibly years to come.



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