New NBA 2K24 2.1 Update Slam Dunks Lagging and Camera Issues


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  • The new NBA 2K24 2.1 patch fixes some issues that were left after the Season 2 update. It has fixed the lagging issue that occurred for some users in the city.
  • A bug in City, Pro-Am, and REC games that dropped badges down to Bronze level has also been fixed.
  • The camera problem due to palm trees in front of the camera at the REC will be fixed this weekend.

NBA 2K24 has been enjoying all kinds of patches since its launch, and Latest 2.1 patch is very modest in comparison. As originally spotted by the Twitter community handle. @nba2kcmty, the patch cleans up some of the bugs left behind by the highly anticipated and huge Season 2 update. The devs have finally fixed the lagging issue some players were experiencing while traveling to town in the new patch notes.

A huge problem that caused badges to be carried below the bronze level. This will occur under certain circumstances in Big City, Pro-Am, and REC games. Unfortunately, the NBA 2K24 devs haven’t explained the exact reason, but the rare occurrence has now been completely eliminated.

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Finally, palm trees in REC—which used to steal the camera spotlight—will no longer obstruct players from certain camera angles. Trees often cause problems for NBA 2K24 players by getting between the camera and gameplay, causing all sorts of fancy techniques to fail miserably. It looks like the issue has not been fixed yet but will start this coming weekend.

gave The season 2 patch that started a few days ago. Easily eclipses the new 2.1 fixes. We urge you to check out the juicy bits of the last update. It was the biggest content update NBA 2K24 received since its shaky release and played a significant role in changing the opinion of some users who initially criticized the title’s painful release.

For example, a large number of bugs have crashed the game in the past. Second lowest rated title on Steam. Nevertheless, there have been many technological and various other improvements. NBA 2K24 comes out on September 8, 2024 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X.

While it can be fun to go first for most titles, it might be best to scroll through some of our written guides on the game to get the most out of the initial experience. Check out our write-up for Top 20 Best Players in Enrollment which are worth buying. You can also read through. Best free animations and throws With attribute ratings to get a better summary of gameplay.

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