New Mod For The Original Resident Evil 3 Lets You Wreak Havoc As Nemesis



Story Highlights

  • A mod for the original Resident Evil 3 has made Nemesis playable in the legendary 1999 title.
  • You can play as him through the game’s story, or just chase around Jill and other S.T.A.R.S members on the map in the Arrange mode.
  • The mod lets you punch, use weapons, and utilize the monster’s tentacles during combat.
  • Furthermore, the mod was made from complete scratch as Capcom did not code anything for Nemesis in the original.

Modders have achieved something Capcom couldn’t as a brand-new mod for 1999’s Resident Evil 3 now lets players control the titular Nemesis in the game. With two different playable modes, you can play through the original story with Nemesis, or try the pristine “Arrange mode” to hunt down S.T.A.R.S members in this brilliant mod. 

Aptly titled “Nemesis Scenario,” this ingenious mod was put into action by Resident Evil YouTuber Komizo_Lab in a 46-minute playthrough. As you can see in the video below, the creator tries the mod’s Arrange mode and as a result, can control Nemesis freely on the map of Resident Evil 3. He explores Raccoon City with the game’s titular monster and gets to chase S.T.A.R.S agents and Jill during the gameplay.

Furthermore, you can also engage in combat with Jill by punching or using a weapon in this Resident Evil 3 mod. As per the description of this next-gen modification, you can also use tentacles but only in certain situations meaning Nemesis is mostly limited to the options above. Players can also hunt mercenaries in this mod’s own iteration of Mercenaries mode. 

Moreover, battles with targets can turn out to be good or bad depending on the course of action you take with Nemesis. You will also get to encounter other survivors in Raccoon City when you play Resident Evil 3 with Nemesis. On the official download page of the mod, the creators have also provided us with detail regarding our protagonist in both game modes.

In the original mode, Nemesis will have 200 HP and will be able to heal himself with herbs and spray. In addition, the huge monster can use a variety of weapons with the story and enemy locations staying the same as 1999’s Resident Evil 3. Moving on, in the Arrange Mode, Nemesis will have a much higher HP of 800 but can only heal through Cell Activators when he eliminates survivors or damages S.T.A.R.S.

Players can attack targets by using tentacles, but only after they reach the Clock Tower. Furthermore, the Rocket Launcher is the only weapon Nemesis can use and the enemy locations also vary from the original Resident Evil 3. Jill will also be a boss in this game mode and you can weaken her by dealing damage before boss fights or picking up her ammo before she gets to it.

Last but not least, this Resident Evil 3 mod has also added new cutscenes to the game allowing you to enjoy never-seen-before material. When you factor in how the mod is made entirely from scratch as Capcom did not code anything for Nemesis, it seems like a true work of art. 

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