New LEGO Game In Development Based Off “Major IP”



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  • TT Games are currently developing a new LEGO game based on an established IP.
  • The studio has developed LEGO games based on Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, and more. 
  • TT Is rumored to be developing a LEGO Harry Potter collection, similar to the Skywalker Saga that was released last year. 

TT Games and Warner Bros. Discovery are currently developing a new LEGO game based on an existing IP. The new game will be based on Unreal Engine. according to multiple job postings, including this one for a World Designer, there are multiple references to an “exciting new LEGO game based on a major IP,” with the job postings also mentioning the game will have an open-world element to it.

TT Games job posting

TT Games has a long history of licensing IP for its games. They have made licensed LEGO games for nearly 20 years, and have released LEGO games on IPs such as Star Wars, Marvel, Indiana Jones, Batman Harry Potter, and more. It can be hard to determine what IP this specific game could be based on, but we may have a clue.  

Earlier this year it was reported that TT Games paused and canceled multiple projects. These included a Mandalorian DLC for the Skywalker Saga, A LEGO Batman game based on Matt Reeve’s “The Batman” film. Other non-LEGO titles were canceled as well. Reportedly, TT Games wanted to develop a LEGO Harry Potter collection game that covers all the Harry Potter movies, similar to the Skywalker Saga. 

According to Nintendolife, TT Games was likely impressed by the reception and sales of Hogwarts Legacy, a game that sold 12 million copies within weeks. The last LEGO Harry Potter games that were developed was the LEGO Harry Potter Collection, which saw releases in 2010 and 2011 with a release for last-generation consoles in 2016.

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