New GTA Online Exploit Causing Players’ Accounts To Be Banned



  • A new GTA Online exploit has emerged within the community, causing players’ accounts getting banned and data being compromised.
  • The insider, Tez2, addressed the situation, and warned the players of its significance. Tez2 has asked the community to not play without firewall.
  • The creator of the anti-cheat tool Guardian, Speyedr, has provided a workaround for the exploit.
  • Rockstar Games has not yet officially addressed the situation.

The lively world of GTA Online has aged out to be among the most meticulous online gaming experiences ever since its humble inception. From creating personal stories to going on chaotic heists, everyone has a story to tell in the renowned multiplayer title. However, it is also full of hurdles and ordeals for an everyday player.

Exploits and hacks are all too common for the GTA Online community, often ravaging the streets of Los Santos without any consequences. A recent exploit, however, has crossed the limits and resulted in players’ accounts getting banned and the data being risked entirely, ensuing a new surge of crisis in the community.

A new report by the accredited Rockstar insider, Tez2, on Twitter has highlighted the scope of this new exploit, labeling it “extreme.” Tez2 alerts that exploiters can now remotely add, delete, and alter your stats completely, vandalizing them to the point that it leads to a ban on users’ online profiles.

The credible sources request the community to avoid playing GTA Online without protection like Firewall, going as far as proffering not to play at all until things simmer down.

GTA Online is usually plagued with lingering exploits, but not to this level; how an exploit of such scale surpassed Rockstar Games‘ radar remains to be answered, but we suggest using extreme caution while playing the game until the issue is resolved. The players are concerned as affectees emerge from all over social media and forums.

The creator of the popular anti-cheat tool Guardian, Speyedr, has provided a probable solution. Following it step-by-step may provide to be the best workaround against the exploit until Rockstar Games fix the issue at their end. 

The creator went on to say, “Just to reassure everyone, Guardian still works and this new exploit doesn’t somehow bypass Guardian. However, the chance of any user (especially beginners) setting up Guardian incorrectly in a way that doesn’t protect them is too high for such a dangerous exploit.

The creator has disabled access to specific Guardian builds that would not protect them against the exploit. The move was made to discourage the players from playing the game and tinkering with the anti-cheat tool without understanding it since a little mishap could result in the demise of your account. 

Speyedr clarifies, “This exploit is so serious that one wrong setting or action could result in the loss of your account or even your PC files.” So, following the aforesaid solution would be the best bet for worried GTA Online players.

The newly reported exploit is among the most dangerous that has haunted the standalone multiplayer experience. However, the predominance of the hack is yet out in the woods; in other words, it is impossible to figure out the probability of running into the effective GTA Online exploit. 

The hack has alerted the whole community, where exploits are the usual norm, showcasing its significance. Rockstar Games has not yet officially addressed the situation. However, we could hear something official soon as more reports arise all over the web. Until then, we advise logging off the streets of Los Santos.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that this issue only concerns a PC player. Console users playing the title from Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 are entirely safe.

What are your thoughts about the new GTA Online exploit leading players’ accounts to be banned and data to be compromised? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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