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Core points of Gamers

New Glaivier Advanced Class coming to Lost Ark in April

A brand new roadmap has gone up for Lost Ark and it exhibits off a number of thrilling new options. Aside from the brand new continent of South Vern, gamers will have the ability to dive into battle with the newest Martial Artist Advanced Class, the Glaivier.

The Glaivier is ready to be launched in April, however there is not an actual date at this second. There are additionally plans within the roadmap for an additional Advanced Class, the Destroyer, to be launched in May.

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The Glaivier is the fifth Advanced Class to affix the Martial Artist and joins the elite ranks of the Wardancer, Soulfist, Striker, and Scrapper. Wielding her spear and glaive in two distinctive talent units, Focus and Flurry, the Glaivier switches stances frequently in fight. While within the Flurry stance, the spear unleashes a storm of assaults and the Focus stance makes use of the longer glaive for “lethal strikes and sweeping attacks.”

It is hinted that totally different builds will put the concentrate on one weapon or the opposite, however there may be potential to construct up vitality in a single stance and transition it to the opposite. No matter what the construct, the Glaivier guarantees to be one other thrilling addition to the world of Arkesia.

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