New Doom 3 Mod Transforms The Game Into Doom Eternal



Story Highlights

  • Doom 3 mod lets you delve into fast-paced intense action like Doom Eternal.
  • It is titled “Runner’s Doom 3” developed by rulesnote.
  • The mod makes several tweaks to the combat mechanics removing various tedious features and improving the game’s speed. 
  • The latest version 1.2 of the mod adds “Death FX” for bloody combat.

A new mod has surfaced that redesigns the original Doom 3, giving players a feel similar to Doom Eternal. The project was created by a Modb user “rulesnote.” It tweaks the game to a great extent and changes its combat mechanics significantly. As a result, the entry becomes much more playable and interesting for fans who never got into Doom 3 due to its tedious gameplay.

The mod is titled “Runner’s Doom 3,” and as the name implies it improves the slow-paced action of the game, making combat much more rapid and decisive. Doom Eternal was appreciated by fans for its intense action, and the mod tries to give Doom 3 players a similar adrenaline rush during battles. The mod is sure to give you a “simple old-school run-and-gun shooter” experience with Doom 3. 

A few tweaks include improving the player’s movement and enemies’ attack speed. Furthermore, the damage dealt by the enemies’ is greatly increased. Enemies will respawn faster. Gameplay is made more efficient as players do not need to reload weapons. Additionally, weapons can be swapped quickly. The small changes in the title contributed greatly to making it a faster action-paced game as you can see in a player’s video below. 

Doom 3 was originally released in 2004 and two expansions were developed for the title. Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil was out in 2005 while the BFG version was available for the public in 2012 that also featured a new expansion namely “The Lost Mission”. The Runner’s Doom 3 is available for both the original Doom 3 version and the BFG version.

If you are interested in downloading Runner’s Doom 3, you can get it from Moddb by visiting rulesnote’s profile. Note that there are several versions available for the mod. The latest version is 1.2 which adds multiple additional features to the existing project. It notably includes “Death FX” which can make the visuals more gore by showing blood on the enemies during their final moments. 

Video game mods often end up improving various aspects of the game significantly as shown in Runner’s Doom 3 and other Doom mods roaming the internet. A while ago, a modder allowed players to have a deathmatch in Doom Eternal in an online survival battle. In addition, a modder even gave Doom 2 a Batman makeover, instilling elements from the lore of the Caped Crusader. 

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