New Battle Pass, Sprays, Skins, And Agent Leaked In Valorant



Story Highlights

  • Episode 7 for Valorant has been fully leaked with weapon bundles and the details for the newest agent are now out in the wild.
  • The Blush Skinline and Composite Skinline are the main weapon bundles for the newest act.
  • The newest agent has also been leaked, his role as a Sentinal will provide defensive capabilities for his entire team.

The latest act for Valorant has been completely revealed by @ValorLeaks. The leak contains images and details for the newest weapon skins, bundles, sprays, and most importantly, the newest agent Deadlock. In essence the latter is a Sentinel, an agent based on defensive capabilities and holding down sites to prevent site takeovers. Her art as well as details for her kit have also been revealed.

For her first ability, Deadlock will be able to force players to slow down with her GravNet. On paper, this tool seems pretty underwhelming as other sentinels in the game have abilities to prevent enemies from entering a site or covering a flank, here, this ability could be used as more of a pressure tool to force players to stop moving for your team to gain a few seconds of free movement.

Her next ability slows down enemies lurking through the map, allowing for the team to have more reaction time. Although some players rushing in could just ignore this ability or agents like Omen could just teleport through this area, really make Deadlock feel somewhat weak when comparing her to other agents. The Sentinel role has been in a weird spot after Chambers was killed by Valorant, but Deadlock seems to be unable to reinvigorate the role.

And finally, her ultimate seems to be one of the strongest out there, acting like a mix of Killjoy Lockdown and Breaches Ultimate. Completing stopping an enemy in their tracks and forcing them to hope and pray they won’t die. Deadlock overall seems weaker than other agents, but her uses can be much more impactful when we consider the entire agent setup of her team.

In other leaks, the newest bundles have also been leaked. Of these two, it seems the Composite Skinline is the only one with the melee weapon. The skin features the Marshall, the Sheriff, the Phantom, and the Stinger as the main weapons for this skin.

In most bundles, the melee is usually the centerpiece and the most expensive one from the entire lot and it won’t be any different here. The melee weapon does not look like an interactive melee, and overall just looks decent in the majority of melee skins in the game.

The second bundle features a different color scheme and apparently no melee weapon. The Blush Skinline features the Operator, the Frenzy, The Specter, and the Guardian as the weapons included in the pack. This skin pack seems to be more of a color reskin rather than a ground-up weapon skin.

Many of the upcoming player cards for Valorant have also been unveiled in the flurry of leaks. Some of the featured agents are Cipher, Killjoy, Raze, and some art for the upcoming tournaments that Valorant is hosting. Overall they look pretty good, both in detail and quantity.

Finally, we have our last Valorant leak, we have our sprays and gun buddies for the Act. Here we can quite clearly see the uniqueness of each of these as well as how dynamic each is. Stuff like this keeps players from getting bored between rounds and matches. This should 

Overall, the newest Act is sure to be filled with a lot of new content and patches which are soon to come. The newest agent should shake up agent rankings a bit, and the new skins will let players shoot in style. All of this is a really good start to a new Episode for Valorant.

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