Netflix may add GTA titles to its gaming platform.


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  • According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, Netflix can bring titles from the hugely popular GTA franchise to its gaming platforms.
  • Netflix has “discussed plans”. Take Two Interactive, which owns the GTA IP. While we don’t know which title it refers to, the report has ruled out GTA 6.
  • The company aims to expand its video game library by branching out into “high-end” gaming. This can significantly increase the number of users, further increasing the streaming service.

According to one Recent report, Netflix is ​​moving toward a licensing deal with Take-Two Interactive to bring titles from the GTA franchise to its video game library (thanks, Wall Street Journal). While the report doesn’t specify which title it might be, we can definitely rule it out. GTA 6. It’s also very likely to be a spin-off game for mobile devices, since that’s the only way to access Netflix’s games.

Netflix is ​​planning to enter the realm of “At the high end“Video gaming, and it looks like adding a GTA title as part of its portfolio will be a step in that direction. The terms of the licensing deal discussed between Netflix and Take-Two Interactive are currently under wraps, so we Can’t confirm the scale of this project. However, it will likely be in the domain of mobile gaming.

Netflix only offers video games on mobile devices, but this may change in the future, which is why the nature of this project is speculative. Nonetheless, the move is expected to bring an ever-larger audience to the streaming platform. According to data from UptopiaCiting the Wall Street Journal, Netflix has seen its game downloads grow from 30.4 million to 70.5 million last year.

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While we don’t know how much increase Netflix has seen in the total percentage of users who play games daily, it has also increased, considering that the number of game downloads has more than doubled in the past year. It’s over. However, the current process requires players to download games through the device’s app store, which has significantly impacted engagement.

The Wall Street Journal reported that about half of subscribers actually “download and play the game after pressing it.Get the game.Button Netflix has done its best to improve this feature. Providing a different seamless feature to younger audiences Along with Canada and Great Britain Oxen free And The Mining Adventures of Molehewwhich can be broadcast on TVs.

Netflix first dived into gaming in late 2021 by releasing five iOS and Android titles that players could access as part of a subscription model. Since then, the company has expanded its library to over 70 titles with several acquisitions, including Next Games, Night School Studios, and Spry Fox. It seems like Netflix is ​​determined to make itself one of the biggest companies in the video game world.

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