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Netflix Anime Lookism Lands December Release Date After Recent Delay

With over 600 million views, the popular webcomic Lookism sets a December release date on Netflix as it was delayed due to the Itaewon tragedy.

lookism has settled on a new Netflix release date, which comes after the original date for the South Korean series was delayed due to the Itaewon tragedy.

Netflix Anime revealed on its official account that the animated adaptation of lookism will land on Netflix on December 8. The series, based on the South Korean webcomic of the same name, was originally supposed to air on November 8, but due to the Itaewon tragedy. The incident, which occurred on October 29, took the form of a deadly mob crush, leaving 158 people dead. Consequently, South Korea entered a week-long period of national mourning. Also, on October 31, Studio Mir said it would delay the Lookism series “until further notice.” The announcement added: “We will update you with a new broadcast date.”

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On October 29, approximately 100,000 people visited Itaewon to celebrate Halloween. This marks the first Halloween that COVID restrictions have been lifted. A commercial area, Itaewon is a popular district for late-night gatherings and is noted for its diverse culture and open-mindedness. It is also an area known for its narrow streets and alleys. By mid-afternoon, there were calls to the police, warning them that the crowd had grown exponentially and that the alley, where the fatal crushing of the crowd occurred, was completely blocked. Callers expressed fear that people would be injured or killed.

Hours later, Itaewon was inundated with ambulances, paramedics and bystanders performing CPR on unresponsive partygoers and policemen struggling to pull people out of the alleyway where they had fallen on top of each other. 158 people died and 196 were injured. During the mourning period, shops were closed and TV shows were canceled during this time as a mark of respect. An investigation is ongoing, with many blaming a lack of police presence in Itaewon.

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The plot of lookism

Created by Park Taejun, lookism is an ongoing webcomic that began serialization in November 2014. lookism It has more than 600 million views. The story revolves around high school student Park Hyeong-seok, who is severely bullied due to his unattractive appearance. He moves to Seoul hoping to start a new life. Instead, one night, Hyeong-seok looks in the mirror and finds someone tall, handsome, and athletic looking back at him. Somehow, he now has the ability to switch between two bodies: one that conforms to conventional beauty standards and one that doesn’t. Studio Mir (the legend of korran Y Dota: Dragonborn) will produce the anime with K-Pop group ATEEZ singing the theme song “Like That.”

lookism will debut on Netflix on December 8. In the meantime, fans can read the webcomic on WEBTOON, where it is updated weekly.

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