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Negan and Maggie’s Walking Dead Spinoff Lands First Tense Teaser

Dead City, the Walking Dead spin-off that follows Maggie and Negan as they try to survive in New York, drops an ominous trailer.

The Walking Dead‘s Negan and Maggie embark on the next chapter of their adventure as dead city releases its first teaser trailer.

The trailer itself doesn’t reveal much about the series’ narrative, instead choosing to convey the tone audiences can expect. Various shots of a ruined and destroyed New York City permeate the trailer, along with many walkers in a variety of situations. An undead enemy appears to be wearing a motorcycle helmet while another scene sparks a cage fight between a survivor and a zombie. Both Maggie and Negan show up and their relationship is as strained as ever.

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Set after the recently concluded The Walking Dead, AMC’s latest spin-off series follows the aforementioned duo as they explore a fallen Manhattan that has been cut off from the mainland. As can be expected from the iconic zombie franchise, the Walkers won’t be their only problem, as they’ll also have to juggle different groups vying for control of the island. Negan and Maggie have a storied history together, as the former brutally murdered the latter’s husband, Glenn, in The Walking Dead Season 7. The pair have been at odds ever since, despite Negan’s efforts to reform and make amends.

Take me to the dead city

dead cityThe focus may be on Maggie and Negan, but that doesn’t mean other notable survivors won’t make a cameo. Star Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who has been one of the longest serving actors on the show, promised fans that the spin-off will feature more than two familiar faces. “I’m happy to continue playing Negan, but I’m sad I don’t get the chance to work with him.” [The Walking Dead cast] never again, unless I do!” Morgan joked.

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While many fans were excited about dead city‘s, one of the show’s stars was more than a little disappointed when the spinoff was revealed. Morgan criticized AMC for revealing the series earlier The Walking Dead concluded, effectively spoiling that both Negan and Maggie survived in the end. “Spoiler alert folks. Sorry! I’m still not sure why we announced it already. It was kind of a surprise to me,” the actor said. He also acknowledged that he ended up in trouble with AMC for questioning the disclosure.

dead city It doesn’t have a release date yet. The Walking Dead can be streamed in its entirety on AMC+.

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