Need For Speed: Most Wanted Actress Teases A Remake Of The Game Launching In 2024



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  • Need for Speed: Most Wanted’s actress has teased that a remake of the 2005 title is launching next year.
  • Simone Bailly, who played Officer Turf, also revealed that Sargeant Cross will be returning in this alleged remake.
  • In addition, the actress tagged Criterion Games, meaning the developer of Need for Speed: Unbound could be developing this remake.

In a now-deleted tweet and Instagram post, Need for Speed: Most Wanted alum, Simone Bailly, revealed that a remake of the popular racing game is launching in 2024. As per the actress, both Sargeant Cross and Officer Turf, whom Bailly voices, are returning to face off against the most wanted similar to the 2005 original. Hence, fans will get to play a faithful remake of the classic title if this tease turns out to be true.

Even though Bailly has now deleted the tweet regarding Need for Speed: Most Wanted, the likes on her profile corroborate the tease. The Officer Turf voice actress liked almost every reply to the tweet that showcased excitement at this potential reveal. In addition, she also liked one fan’s reply about Derek Hamilton returning to voice Razor, which could mean that one of the game’s main antagonists is also returning.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Simone Bailly also tagged Criterion Games in her Instagram post about Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Hence, the developer of Need for Speed: Burnout and the 2012 reboot of Most Wanted is most probably going to lead development on this upcoming remake. Considering how the title’s original developer, EA Black Box, no longer exists, this isn’t that big of a surprise.

First launched in 2005, Need for Speed: Most Wanted is one of the most popular racing games in the history of the genre. It is impossible to talk about this niche of gaming without mentioning the commercial and critical success of the racing title. A masterpiece in graphics and sound effects, the EA game is considered by many as one of the most defining titles of the racing genre. 

Its police system, map design, car modeling, and even the cut-scenes were praised, which is a big deal for a racing game. Furthermore, Need for Speed: Most Wanted was a gigantic commercial success all over the world. It sold over 16 million copies worldwide, becoming the best-selling game in the series and shattering several records on the way.

In the United States alone, Need for Speed: Most Wanted sold 3.9 million copies and became the 7th best-selling racing game during its run. Only Gran Turismo 4, Gran Turismo 5, and several Mario Kart titles are ahead of the EA title in this ranking, which isn’t a failure considering their popularity. Back in 2012, Criterion Games and Electronic Arts rebooted the IP with the same name but an entirely different product.

Unlike the original, the reboot included no story and as a result, was panned by critics for its single-player mode. Even though the overall reception to the racing game was positive, it didn’t match the universal acclaim 2005’s Need for Speed: Most Wanted received. But, considering how the rumored upcoming remake will be faithful to the original, we are hoping it can recreate the magic the 2012 title failed to produce.

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