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NCIS’ Kasie Hines Co-Wrote “Turkey Trot”

The following contains spoilers for NCIS Season 20 Episode 8, “Turkey Trot,” which premiered Monday, November 21 on CBS.

NCIS Season 20 has been very family-focused, with cases that affect the characters personally. In one episode, McGee was investigating his daughter’s PTA. In another installment, Torres was shot and kidnapped. The season also had Principal Vance facing a home invasion. Everyone seems to have some kind of vested interest in the action.

But Jessica Knight’s personal life has been at the forefront. NCIS fans have responded positively to Knight’s relationship with Jimmy Palmer. But his ex-boyfriend appeared to complicate his life. And in season 20, episode 8, “Turkey Trot,” Knight’s sister Robin caused quite a bit of trouble.

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NCIS made Jessica Knight the star of ‘Turkey Trot’

Unsurprisingly, “Turkey Trot” was a Thanksgiving-themed episode. The NCIS team was acting as a semi-undercover security detail for an Admiral hosting a turkey trot. When someone tried to kill the admiral, they launched an official investigation. But because it was a holiday, the case was progressing slowly. When Knight said that he had plans to have lunch with his sister, Parker told him to go ahead.

Knight hoped to avoid lunch because she and her sister didn’t really get along. Karen, who had already established a NCIS record breaking season 20, he decided to go ahead and play peacemaker. However, that attempt failed as Knight and Robin argued early and often. The rest of the NCIS squad discovered that the Admiral was not the target of the turkey trot, but Knight. To make matters worse, Robin’s fiancé was the shooter.

The situation resulted in a hostage scene, after which Knight reconciled with his sister and grew closer to Karen. But the most notable part of the episode was what viewers No watch. That missing element is thanks to actress Diona Reasonover, who plays Karen.

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NCIS’s Diona Reasonover Co-Wrote ‘Turkey Trot’ And Left Out Something Specific

NCIS Kasie Hines

Knight might have been the star of “Turkey Trot,” but Karen was an important character, and Diona Reasonover was important behind the scenes. Reasonover co-wrote the episode with Scott Williams and did an excellent job of introducing some of her self-aware lines. However, she included a curious element that eagle-eyed NCIS fans may have noticed: there was no need for an autopsy because there were no dead bodies.

In an interview with entertainment tonightReasonover revealed that he has a big problem with blood and gore. That means NCISThe excellent effects get the best of her sometimes. Her creative solution is to simply delete her contacts while filming; that way, she doesn’t have to see the fake bodies and blood. However, as the co-writer of “Turkey Trot,” she conveniently avoided having dead bodies on set.

Reasonover is not the only one NCIS actor to co-write an episode. Brian Dietzen, who plays Knight’s love interest Jimmy, co-wrote season 19 episode 13, “The Helpers,” along with Williams. Writing is a great way for actors to take ownership of their characters, so hopefully NCIS it will continue the trend and allow its stars to show their creativity.

NCIS airs Mondays at 9:00 p.m. on CBS and airs on Paramount+.

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