NBA 2K24’s Soundtrack List Allegedly Leaked Online



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  • With the forthcoming release of NBA 2K24, the NBA 2K franchise now spans over 24 mainline installments in the long-running franchise. All games in the series have been developed by Visual Concepts, beginning with the first NBA 2K game and now continuing up to NBA 2K24. 
  • The latest entry in the series is due to be released on 8 September 2023, and is currently gathering hype from all corners of the world. As per the revealed information, NBA 2K24 is all set to be the best NBA game 2K has pushed out to date.
  • As per a new alleged leak though, it appears that NBA 2K24’s soundtrack list has been leaked online on Spotify. Since the soundtrack was spotted some time ago, the original uploader has removed it from their account now, and it’s no longer accessible. 

NBA 2K24, the latest entry in the iconic NBA 2K franchise, is all set to hit shelves on 8 September for a variety of different platforms. While we’re still some days away from the sports simulator’s release, it appears that the entire soundtrack list for the game was accidentally uploaded on Spotify ahead of time. Ever since then, though, the playlist of the NBA 2K24 soundtrack has been removed. 

Credits to the dedicated Twitter page NBA 2K24 Community to make the spot ahead of time. As per the recorded footage, the uploader seems to be 2K itself. It might have jumped the gun accidentally but was quick to remediate the mishap afterward. If you head over to 2K’s profile on Spotify, you won’t be finding the soundtrack list, therefore. 

Apparently, though, fans are not too happy with what they’ve seen so far. And quite surprisingly, this has seemed to be the case previously as well. This post on Reddit gathers people’s opinions on whether they find the soundtrack of the recent NBA 2K games enjoyable, and many claim to believe otherwise. “When was the last time 2k had a good soundtrack?” says another vexed user. 

In other news, NBA 2K24’s file size has been recently revealed for the Xbox Series X|S, and it’s a staggering 161 GB. This is approximately 10 GB more than what the title’s predecessor has amounted to its name. Moreover, sports titles, such as Madden, FIFA, and, of course, NBA 2K, are all consistently updated throughout the year in order to keep the user experience as up-to-speed as possible.

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That is why it’s probable to speculate that by the end of the year, NBA 2K24’s size will cross the 200 GB mark. Outside of that, the basketball simulator is bringing the heat this time around. It was revealed earlier that Kai Cenat—popular Twitch streamer—will be part of the game, and that NBA 2K24 will offer players the flexibility to choose from a myriad of Gatorade Gym body upgrades.

Taking into account the foundational changes that are headed toward NBA 2K24, including a new salary cap mode, revamped progression system, two Season Pass tiers, and a specialized player market, things are looking solid for it, no questions asked. Let us know in the comments section whether you’re looking forward to the game on release day. 

NBA 2K24 launches on September 8 for a load of different platforms, including both current-gen and old-gen consoles, PC, and a planned Nintendo Switch version as well. 

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