NBA 2K24 Producer Confirms Gatorade Gym Body Upgrades



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  • The gameplay producer of NBA 2K24 has confirmed on Twitter that players can upgrade and progress their bodies in the Gatorade Gym.
  • There are a total of 3 unique body types per build/player and can be easily switched in the appearance menu.

The gameplay producer of NBA 2K24, Michael Mainzer, has confirmed on Twitter that players will have the ability to upgrade and progress their bodies in the Gatorade Gym. This feature allows players to enhance their physical attributes and improve their in-game performance.

One notable aspect is the inclusion of 3 unique body types per build/player. This provides players with more options for customizing their character’s appearance and physique. Whether you prefer a lean and agile frame or a more muscular and powerful build, the choice is yours. The ability to freely switch between these body types in the appearance menu adds an extra layer of flexibility and personalization to the game.

While specific details about these unique body types have not been disclosed, it has sparked speculation and anticipation among NBA 2K fans. The possibilities are endless, and players can look forward to experimenting with different body types to find the perfect fit for their playing style and preferences.

As for the Gatorade Gym itself, it serves as the hub for body upgrades and progression, providing players with a dedicated space to focus on improving their physical attributes. Engaging in various training exercises and activities within the Gatorade Gym will enhance the player’s overall performance on the court.

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As NBA 2K24 nearly approaches its release date, fans eagerly await further details and information about the game’s features, including the quality of the Gatorade Gym and the impact of body upgrades on gameplay. Only time will tell if the inclusion of these features lives up to the hype and how it will affect the current and legacy basketballers in the game.

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