NBA 2K24: Kobe Bryant’s Mamba Moments Mode (Explained)



Kobe Bryantalso known as “The Black MambaIn the world of basketball, he is one of the greatest players to ever play the game. The Mamba Moments game mode in NBA 2K24 lets a new generation of NBA fans get to know it. Kobe’s legacy. In mamba moments, players can create some maximum replicas. Famous moments From Kobe Bryant’s twenty-year Hall of Fame career.

Key takeaways

  • NBA 2K24 has a new one. Type of game Called Mamba Moments.
  • Since Kobe Bryant wore the number twenty-four for a decade during his career, the developers added a new game mode to pay homage to his legacy.
  • Also known as Kobe Bryant.The Black MambaIn basketball
  • NBA 2K24 has Mamba Moments. Seven Famous games from Bryant’s 20-year career.
  • Players can participate in challenges to win stars which can be exchanged for prizes in 2K24.
  • Each game has three challenges that players must complete. The star.

All NBA 2K24 Mamba moments

All Mamba moments in NBA 2k24.
All Mamba moments feature 2K24. (screenshot grab; eXputer)

The developers of NBA 2K24 added a Mamba. Type of game which allows players to survive. Seven Most Competitive Moments of Bryant’s Career By completing these challenges (Mamba Moments), players earn stars that can unlock in-game exclusives. Rewards.

Worn by Kobe Bryant. Number 24 And during the last ten years of his career (2006 – 2016) he etched himself into the basketball history books. As a result, the new NBA 2K24 developers paid off. Pay homage Featuring Kobe Bryant Cover the athlete. for their game.

1. King of Sac

The first basketball match in Mamba moments is the Western Conference. The semi-finals Game four. On 31 May 2001 Lakers Played against. Sacramento Kings at Arco Arena. Kobe scored during the match. 48 points against the Kings and successfully grabbed sixteen rebounds.

To get three stars in the challenge you must complete the following tasks.

  1. A win against the Kings.
  2. Score forty-eight points.
  3. Grab ten rebounds.

2. The first of the three

Hell of three challenge in 2k24.
Hell of Threes Challenge Task in 2K24. (grab screenshot: eXputer)

The second Mamba moment in NBA 2K24 is Bryant’s three-pointer. Record in 2007 against the Seattle Supersonics. During that match, Kobe went on to create an absolute riot and score a goal against Seattle. Twelve shots deeply. In doing so, Kobe set a new NBA record, which was broken eleven years later. Clay Thompson In October 2018.

To complete the challenge with three stars, you must complete the following objectives.

  1. Beat the Seattle Supersonics.
  2. Hit twelve threes and shoot at least 50% from three-point range.
  3. Win 20 points or more.

3. The torch passed.

Torch passed the challenge in 2k24.
Objectives of the “Torch Passed” challenge in NBA 2K24. (Photo by eXputer)

The Torch Passed Mamba moment is reminiscent of the last game against Bryant. Michael Jordan In late March 2003. The previous match against Jordan was also Kobe’s. Best game against him, where he scored fifty-five points by the end. Kobe also held the Lakers team record for scoring during this match. 44 points in one half.

To complete the third challenge, you must:

  1. win the match
  2. Score nineteen points in the first quarter and fifty-five points overall.
  3. Hold Michael Jordan to less than 20 points and grab three steals.

4. Sixty-two in three

62 in 3 challenge in NBA 2k24.
“62 in 3” Mamba Moment NBA 2K24 in-game screenshot. (Imae credits: eXputer)

The fourth challenge in NBA 2K24 Mamba Moments is one of them. The greatest performance In Kobe’s career. In December 2005, the Lakers played against him. Mavericks in regular season. After the first three quarters, Kobe had collected. Sixty-two points against the Mavericks, who outscored his entire team by one point.

To complete the challenge, you must:

  1. Win a match against the Mavericks.
  2. Score sixty-two points in the first three quarters.
  3. Try to make ten free throws in the first three quarters.

5. Scoring Machine

The scoring machine challenge in NBA 2k24.
The Scoring Machine Challenge showcases NBA 2K24. (Screenshot by eXputer)

The Lakers vs. Blazers game took place on March 16, 2007. Second highest scorer Bryant’s career game. Bryant started fifty plus in the match. Score series That lasted for four games. Of all NBA 2K24’s most memorable moments, this one might be relative. difficult To complete because you should also watch Brandon Roy while keeping your score.

To fully complete the fifth mamba moment:

  1. Win a match against the Portland Trail Blazers.
  2. Sixty-five points.
  3. Hold Brandon Roy to under fifteen points and grab three steals.

6. A new era

A New Era Mamba moment in NBA 2k24.
A New Era Objective Challenge Objectives NBA 2K24. (Screenshot by us)

A new era mimics the Western Conference. The finals Game 5 since 2008. Facing the Lakers Spurs In an intense, ongoing rivalry for more than a decade. During a game in late May 2008, Kobe scored twenty-nine points, leading the Lakers The NBA Finals. A notable fact about the victory is that it was the Lakers’ first appearance in the NBA Finals in four years.

To collect three stars in a new round, you must:

  1. A win against the Spurs.
  2. Score 39 points.
  3. Get at least three assists and make fifty percent of your shots from the field.

7. Will to win

Mamba Moment in NBA 2k24 is intended to win.
The NBA 2K24 Challenge aims to win the showcase. (Photo courtesy of us)

Will to Win centers around Game Seven of the 2010 NBA Finals. Using his trademark grit, Kobe Bryant finally picked up a fifth and win. The last ring of his career. With intense defensive competition, Lakers vs. Celtics The match ended with a final score of 83–79. Kobe scored a goal during this game. Twenty-three pointsWhich was decisive in ensuring the eventual victory for the Los Angeles Lakers.

The main objectives of the Final Mamba Monemt in NBA 2K24 are:

  1. Win a match against Boston Celtics.
  2. Grab ten rebounds.
  3. Keep Ray Allen under fifteen points.

The Mamba Moments in NBA 2K24 are seven notable matches from Kobe Bryant’s 20-year long career with the Los Angeles Lakers. The developers of the game launched a New game mode 2K24 to introduce a new generation of basketball fans to Kobe Bryants Inheritance. To get a star you have to complete tasks for each challenge (game) you play. These stars can be used to make purchases later. In-game exclusives.

Apart from the Mamba Moments mod, you can learn about Locker codes, Makes the bestAnd Crossplay authorities. If you’re new to this franchise, consider reading all about it. New Features and Changes in NBA 2K24.

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