NBA 2K24 gets its biggest update since release.


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  • Patch notes NBA 2K24’s recent next-gen update features a slew of changes, bug fixes, adjustments, and more, making it the first major update since the game’s release.
  • In addition to the general changes, the update also targets some specific aspects of the game, such as MyNBA, MyCareer, and Mamba Moments.
  • The release date of this update has not yet been given, but players should be notified eventually.

Note patch for NBA 2K24The latest next-gen update has been unveiled, revealing a long list of bug fixes, adjustments, and changes to further improve the state of the game. These patch notes will be released. PS5 And Xbox Series X|S, and in terms of quantity, this is undoubtedly the most significant update we’ve had since the game’s release. Although the release date has not yet been given, players should be notified eventually.

NBA 2K24 October 10 Patch Notes – Gameplay.

NBA 2K24 Season 2 Launching on October 20th at 8am PT. On which more details will be shared in future. As far as general changes are concerned, the UI has received a number of enhancements in all modes to provide a better experience. The update will significantly improve face scan results and stability when players use the MyNBA2K companion app.

An issue that prevented some pre-equipped layups and dunk animations from being assigned has been fixed. “Players should no longer experience hangups when editing tattoos.Create a player“menu. Music, crowd, commentary, and ambient audio should now sound like they do in player-controlled games.”Play online now“Players should be able to change the unit of measurement appropriately as intended.

Patch Notes – City/Pro-Am/Rec/Theater.

Sponsor patch on Utah Jazz The uniforms have been updated, and the letter spacing on the New York Liberty uniforms should be more accurate. 2002 Los Angeles Lakers The shorts have also become more accurate by removing the team logo. 1992 Philadelphia 76ers The uniform now has the exact color of the original. As for 1983. Denver NuggetsThe NBA logo has been added to the team’s uniforms.

Various NBA arenas now have more VIPs on the courts. Removed incorrect playoff/final logo in 1990s Magic arena. Boston Celtics‘Historical arena floors have seen color corrections to improve accuracy. Additionally, many modern-day courts have received design changes to make them accurate. Many players also have general simulation updates and adjustments, a list of which is available. NBA 2K Community Discord.

Patch Notes – MyCareer/Quests/Progression.

Improvements for Mamba Moments and MyTeam

When players have not claimed season level awards, they will now see a notification icon for the season in their MyTeam home tab. Triple threat Mods will now use the same score overlay as MyTeam mods. In multiplayer games, green release camera cuts are turned off. Additionally, lags and timeouts are now reduced in multiplayer modes:

  • Ultimate (5 timeouts – 6 pauses)
  • Salary cap (3 timeouts – 4 breaks)
  • Clutch Time Online (2 Timeouts – 4 Pauses)
  • Triple Threat Online (4 Pauses)
Patch Notes – MyNBA/The W

Additionally, the timeout length for Unlimited and Salary Cap modes has been changed to 30 seconds. Automatic replacement should now respect the primary and secondary position of player cards. Additionally, the in-game coach boosts system will now have new triggers and should no longer crash/restart the game. Head coaches and coaching staff will not dress in suits at MyTeam games.

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There are many other similar changes in different aspects of the game, and if you want to read about each of them in detail, you can visit the official NBA 2K community server.

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