NBA 2K24 Dev has confirmed no buffs or Nerfs for on-court gameplay for a while.



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  • NBA 2K’s gameplay director confirmed in a recent tweet that the developers have no plans to make anything buffed or unbuffed. NBA 2K24 When it comes to on-court gameplay for a while.
  • For now, they want to fix game-breaking issues and bugs affecting the game.
  • The same developer responded to another tweet, showing unfair stealing or a potential bug, saying they would look into it, hinting at a possible nerf to stealing.
  • NBA 2K24 was released on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC on September 8, 2023.

NBA 2K gameplay director Mike Wang confirmed in a recent tweet that there are. No plan Anything like on-court gameplay will be the focus of the developers for a while Address Game breaking issues and bugs a few months ago Moving on On to the gameplay. However, a later tweet from Wang suggests something. Potential nerves to steal.

Since its release, NBA 2K24 has met a A plethora of complaints About gameplay and bugs. The developers have done their best. Fix some of these issues in post-launch updates.but it looks like it will. Take some time To deal with the majority. As such, it would be unwise to make gameplay changes before these issues are ironed out.

There are no plans to screw up or tighten anything when it comes to on-court gameplay for at least a few months. We are currently only trying to fix game-breaking issues and obvious bugs,” says Mike Wang.

Regardless of fan pleas to the developer not to make any changes to the gameplay, it seems that some aspects of the game Attention is needed. Wang didn’t say that the game was already in good enough shape. Instead, his tweet reveals that game-breaking bugs belong to him. High priority. Maybe in a few months, we’ll start paying more attention to it. On to the gameplay.

However, there is one particular process that requires strict attention: theft. Steals in basketball are moves used by defensive players. catch the ball From an opponent’s pass or dribble. There are special techniques for doing this, and players can’t be too aggressive when stealing, which is why dirty. This is still the only action in the game that must be balanced, or it can ruin the game for many players.

As demonstrated by a Twitter user’s video. This, stealth in the game is far from perfect. One way or another, the action of the adversary Canceled The animation of the ball, causing it to revert to the blink animation. This can be a problem in the game, and Mike Wong acknowledges it by saying, “Yes, it’s really bad. Will review it.“So, we can expect something. nerf or change To sneak in between routine updates.

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NBA 2K24—Most recent Annual recurrence In the NBA 2K series—was released on September 8, 2023, Only to face negative reviews and even more criticism from fans. But the game can be played. Xbox one, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo SwitchAnd PC.

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